Maximize Your Mutations!

To understand mutations, please read this post first.

We know how genes mutate, and we know that stacked mutations–especially in low-generation cats–are generally more valuable. So I’ve created a tool to help maximize mutation potential.


Is your cat’s life dull and drab? Is she tired of giving birth to boring kittens?
Does she want to spice up her life with MUTATED OFFSPRING?!
Then I have the dating service for you!
Use this sheet to find the ideal partner for your CryptoKitty to maximize the odds of mutations.

mutation matchup


To learn more about mutations and the odds of producing them, visit THIS POST.

Happy breeding!
– Jodiferous



Gene Reader Spreadsheet

Okay, guys, I made a spreadsheet to read your kitty’s genome for you.

1.  Go to this spreadsheet and enter your Kitty’s ID # into cell F1.
​2.  Now you can see all your kitty’s recessive genes! Enjoy.

​(D0 is the dominant gene, or the visible cattribute. The recessive genes are R1, R2, and R3. There’s a 25% chance that one of the recessive genes will be passed onto your kitty’s children. See detailed odds here.)

​See my post about reading your kitty’s genome HERE.

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous