How to Make Fancy Cats

Some CryptoKitties are classified as Fancy cats. Their artwork differs from the standard set of cattributes. After a fancy cat is unlocked/discovered, you can breed your own by combining certain cattributes. (Exclusive cats like Genesis cannot be reproduced through breeding.)

Fancy Cat Recipes

DuCat = cymric + tongue
ShipCat = sphynx + luckystripe + crazy + orangesoda
Dracula = laperm + spock + strawberry + wild_1
Mistletoe = crazy + oldlace + gerbil
SantaClaws = cloudwhite + scarlet + beard + wild_d
PhuZiqaat = chartreux + spock + alien + pouty
Stitches = hintomint + swampgreen + seafoam + saycheese
Negato = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots
Momo-chan = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + sass + bloodred
Earnie = orangesoda + birman + grim + hotrod
MisterPurrfect (limited-time) = strawberry + chocolate + wuvme + baddate
YuriCatsuki = elk + tiger + cymric + neckbeard

For information on how to tell if your parent kitties carry the necessary wild gene, see my post on How to Read Your Kitty’s Genome.

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How to Determine Cooldown Speed

cooldownAfter breeding, kitties must wait a certain amount of time before they can breed again. This is called cooldown.

Each kitty is born with a certain cooldown speed determined by its generation.

Every time a kitty breeds, its cooldown time increases.

Example:cooldown 3

This is my cat, Cookie. She is a Gen 11 and has 3 kids.

She was born with a 1-hr cooldown, but after having 3 kids, she is now in the 8-hr slot.

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous