Artwork Clues in Fancies

The artwork for fancies usually give out clues — clues for required traits, misleading clues, and clues about upcoming new traits.

ck fancy shipcat

ShipCat = sphynx + luckystripe + crazy + orangesoda

Does NOT need googly eyes, neckbeard, or bobtail even though the artwork suggests it.

Neckbeard and bobtail were unreleased traits at the time.

ck phuziqaat

PhuZiqaat = chartreux + spock + alien + pouty

Does NOT need trioculus, a green body color, or thin tail even though the artwork suggests it.

Trioculus (third eye) was an unreleased trait at the time.

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Undiscovered Fancies – Hints and Speculation

Update: Earnie (the Golden Kitty Fancy) does NOT require gold. Details below.

There are a lot of fancies waiting to be discovered right now. Here’s what we think we know. (Remember: before going after a fancy combo, make sure no kitties already exist with that combo.)

Golden Kitty Fancy (Earnie)earnie.jpg

  • Named in honor of for winning the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award (CryptoKitties was a nominee for the award).
  • Released around Feb. 1.
  • Twitter hint #1: “Their favorite drink is neither Coke nor Pepsi.” This probably means that orangesoda is a required trait, although it’s possible it could be referring to lemonade (or both).
  • Twitter hint #2: “They picked up this cattribute on a trip to Burma…” This is referring to the cattribute birman (confirmed by the developers on Twitter).
  • Twitter hint #3: “Earnie has a favorite kind of fairy tail…” This is probably referring to grim.
  • Twitter hint #3.5: “Trying to breed Earnie with a cattribute as literal as this one is a fool’s errand…” This means that gold (eye color) is NOT a required cattribute in the Earnie formula.
  • Earnie has 4 traits. (According to the CK developers on Twitter.)
  • Earnie = orangesoda + birman + grim + gold + (lemonade(?), daffodil(?), …?)
earnie 2
Don’t I look like a Golden Kitty?


Good Fortune Kitty (Maneki-Neko)Fortune Kitty

  • Unconfirmed fancy from a leaked image from a meet-up in Hong Kong.
  • Guesses from the image: wingtips, calicool, soserious, topaz/forgetmenot/sapphire, bobtail
  • From the Wikipedia page about Maneki-Neko (lucky kitties), it says that they’re most commonly white. So cloudwhite is likely part of the formula as well.
  • Note: Most fancies have 4-trait requirements. And some fancies exhibit traits that aren’t part of their formulas (e.g. SantaClaws has cheeky), and vice versa.
  • Maneki-Neko = wingtips(?) + calicool(?) + cloudwhite(?) + bobtail(?) + soserious(?) + topaz/forgetmenot/sapphire(?) + …?

Lion-Dance Kitty (Chinese Fancy #2)

  • According to a Quartz article about the CryptoKitties launch in China, there will be three fancies released during the Lunar New Year holiday season, and one of those will be kitty dressed in a lion-dance costume.

Chinese Fancy #3

  • See above comment.

Chinese Golden Dragon Exclusive Kitty

  • According to the same Quartz article, there will also be an exclusive kitty that resembles a golden dragon. Since it will be an exclusive fancy kitty, it will not have a recipe and will not be able to be created.

Year of the Dog Kitty (Exclusive?)dog kitty

  • This dog kitty is most likely an exclusive kitty (cannot be reproduced). In other words, it probably doesn’t have a “recipe”.
  • We know it exists based on this image and message from Benny: “We’ve announced our partnership with Cobo for the Chinese New Year launch. We will be doing a co-marketing campaign with the top prize being one of the most coveted kitties. A symbol for the year of the dog!”

Draco (Dragon Kitty)draco

  • May or may not be released yet.
  • No hints have been given out, no traits have been confirmed. The formula pieces below are pure guesses.
  • Draco = wuvme(?) + verdigris(?) + googly(?) + spangled(?) + elk(?) + …?

 Korean Fancy

  • Unconfirmed, but since there have been fancies for Japan (ninjas) and fancies for China (see above), we can assume that South Korea will get some too.

Valentine’s Day Fancy (Love Kitty)

  • Unconfirmed, but there are usually fancies for all the major holidays.
  • Love Kitty = wuvme(?) + chocolate(?) + strawberry(?) + …?


For recipes for all the discovered fancies, visit How to Make Fancy Cats.

To learn about how fancy cats are “released” and discovered, visit THIS POST.

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What if there were more KINDS of Fancies?

cathenaRight now, the most valuable cats in the game are Exclusive Cats. There are cats like Genesis, Cathena, and the Bug Cats. They have special artwork and CANNOT be produced through breeding.

Fancy Cats, on the other hand, CAN be produced through breeding. They have “recipes” which are simply a blend of cattributes. For example, if you create a cat with cymric and tongue, you get a DuCat (“Duck Cat”).

Because we can figure out the recipes to fancy cats (thanks to the genetic work of Kai and CryptoKittyDex), fancies are duplicated really quickly which drives down their value.

So now we’re left with an interesting situation. Fancy Cats are selling for very little in comparison to Exclusive Cats. There’s a huge gap in value although you’d expect it to be closer based on their appearance.

So what if we had Fancy Cats to help bridge the gap? What if we had:

  • Limited-Time Fancies
  • Tiered Fancies
  • Original Artwork Fancies
  • Sterile Fancies
  • Family Jewel Fancies
  • High-Gen Fancies

These kinds of fancies would have recipes that would incorporate more ingredients than just cattributes. For example…

Limited-Time Fancies: These fancies would only be able to be created within a range of Kitty ID #’s. For example, let’s say a fancy named Princess Cat is discovered, but she can only be created until we hit 600,000 kitties, then she’ll never be able to be created again. It would give a sense of urgency to create her, but also a lasting rarity after a certain period of time. It would also be interesting if we knew she was a limited-time fancy, but we didn’t know exactly when she’d be “retired”.

Tiered Fancies: These fancies would require all the required traits for two other fancies. For example, you’d need to get all the required traits for the Zombie Fancy and the Dracula Fancy in order to get the Frankenstein Fancy. It would make Zombie and Dracula more valuable because they would be needed to create something else, and it would make Frankenstein valuable because it would be incredibly difficult to create. It’s the same concept as the tiered mutations we already have in play.

Original Artwork Fancies: These fancies would simply have their artwork tweaked after the first 30 are created. So you could still create the fancy until the end of time, but the true originals will be always be worth a little more.

Sterile Fancies: These fancies would be unable to breed. This would make it harder for them to propagate as readily. It would also decrease their value in some ways, so it would be primarily for players who like the satisfaction of breeding fancy cats from scratch.

Family Jewel Fancies: I still don’t know exactly what family jewels (“enhanced cattributes”) are, but maybe they could be incorporated into the recipes as well. Maybe a fancy would require three traits and two jewels.

High-Gen Fancies: These fancies would only exist in certain generations. For example, maybe Surfer Kitty could only be created as a Gen 10-15.

In short, since fancies are simply “recipes”, why not add more ingredients into the mix? Let’s use ID numbers and generations and family jewels, too!

Any other ideas?


ck banner 3

How are fancies “released” and “discovered”?

When a certain combination of traits appear together in a cat, it becomes a fancy cat. For example, if you breed a cat that has onyx, henna, wolfgrey, and slyboots, you will get Negato the Ninja Fancy.

But underneath their ornate exterior, Fancy Cats are a lot like other cats. Their genes work the same way, and they can come from ordinary parents. Really, the only thing that separates a fancy cat from a regular one is its artwork.

What this means is that Fancy Cats are not determined in the smart contract on the blockchain. They are determined solely by their display on the CryptoKitties website.

Developers can therefore “release” fancy cats in this manner. They go into the code for their website display. Normally, cats are just displayed as the sum of their cattributes:

If cat has googly eyes, display googly eyes.
If cat has sphynx body, display sphynx body.

But if developers want to release a fancy, they just a) find a trait combination that doesn’t currently exist in any cat, and b) adjust the code to override the standard picture with a fancy picture if that combination appears.

If cat has googly eyes, display googly eyes.
If cat has sphynx body, display sphynx body.
BUT if a cat has googly AND sphynx, display MISCHIEVOUS FANCY CAT.

What This Means

Recently, the developers announced that they would release a Golden Fancy Cat in honor of their being nominated for the Golden Kitty Award. Basically, they did not plan and code a Golden Fancy from the game’s inception. They just decided to do it because something special happened.

Because the “recipe” for a fancy cat usually incorporates related cattributes, we can assume that the developers will require “gold” as part of the recipe. What else might it require? Orangesoda? Daffodil? Lemonade? Let’s check the Marketplace to see if that combination exists. When you search the Marketplace for that combo, make sure to select “All Kitties” instead of just the ones for sale. 

golden kitty

Yes, it looks like those exist already, so that can’t be the formula for the Golden Kitty. Maybe we could throw in the ganado pattern? Does that exist? No! It doesn’t yet!

So if you’re feeling especially lucky, you can follow your hunch and try to create a cat with gold, orangesoda, daffodil, lemonade, and ganado. Chances are that it won’t turn into a fancy, but you never know! You might get the first one!

What This ALSO Means

Don’t try to create the next Halloween Fancy Cat right now. Even if you have a hunch, chances are 1) the required traits are even released yet, or 2) the developers haven’t assigned it a formula yet. So if you create that combo right now, it’ll just be another combination that “already exists” and won’t be in consideration for the fancy. That’s my opinion, anyway.


I actually don’t KNOW how fancies are released. Some players are convinced that all the fancies have already been decided and programmed. They may be right. But I personally don’t think so, especially because of the developers deciding to release a Golden Kitty (and naming it in honor of, the winner of the Product Hunt contest). That feels spur-of-the-moment to me.

I also think that this method of releasing fancies allows the developers to time the fancies with events, such as holidays or new region launches.

Happy Fancy Hunting!
– Jodiferous