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shop kitty lowID

  • Low ID #14148
  • 4 discontinued traits
  • 1 fully purebred trait
shop kitty lowID 19182

  • Low ID #19182
  • 6 discontinued traits
  • 3 partially purebred traits

Check out these breeders for rare and beautiful kitties.

Jody’s Kitty Shop (beautiful kitties, cloudwhites)
Jody’s Vintage Kitties

Byzantinist –   🐎  Purebred Sires (Siring Shop for low generation, fully purebred D0/R1/R2/R3 kitties)
Inquiries: or @Byzantinist –  🐎  Purebred Sires#2992 (Discord)

Bella’s Kitty Den (BKD) (breeders for fancies, traits for upcoming mutations )
Inquiries: BKD#8152 (Discord)

SantaClaws Kitty Shop 
Santa Breeders Shop
Breeder: Uynix 
Inquiries: or Discord: @Uynix#3368
Chuck / cryptokittyhub (rare low-gen kitties, fancies)

Mittens (low-gen rare traits, family jewels, mewtations & founder descendants)
Inquiries: @CountChicoban (Discord)

Slabmason710 (low-gen onyx and Stitches breeders)
Inquiries: @Slabmason710#9142 (Discord) or

CloudwhiteKitties (Specializing in Cloudwhite kitties!)

BJ Kitty (wingtips, alien, high-tier traits)

alxo44 (amatuer feline connoisseur)
Inquiries: @alxo44#6354 (Discord)

WittyKitty (lowest or second lowest gen possible in all traits; makes custom cats upon request)
Inquiries: @WittyKitty#7230 (Discord)

LucyintheSky (PhuZiqaat breeders and starter kitties)
LucyintheSky2 (Stitches breeders and starter kitties)
Inquiries: @LucyintheSky#5316 (Discord)

DogsAreBetter (purebred cats, low-gen good-looking cats, and low-gen jaguars)
Inquiries: @Somnolence#6939 (Discord)

PoopieCat (exotic patterns, beautiful eyes)
Inquiries: @Poopie#7929 (Discord)

PlantDr (aka Royalblue Hoarder and New Trait Chaser)
Inquiries: @PlantDr#7227 (Discord)

Moonfarm (eyes – wingtips, sass, otaku, etc.)
Inquiries: @Spaceship#1138 (Discord)

Bobo (fancies)
Inquiries: @ngthanhtrung#0939 (Discord)

SantaClaws (Fancies/Eyes/Aesthetically Pleasing Kitties)