How the First 8 Diamond Kitty was Bred

Slabmason was the first person to breed a kitty with diamonds next to all eight of its cattributes. Alanfalcon (aka Kittyhawk) interviewed him to see how he did it. Enjoy!

Alan: “Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us today, Slabmason710! You made the very first kitty with 8 diamond family jewels – that’s incredible. What made you decide to try for it?”

Slab: “Originally I had wanted to get a 64 Diamond Bloodline going so people could craft their own 8 diamond cat, but since i had finished all the groundwork and finally assembled the bloodline, I figured why not shoot for the stars and also go for the first 8 diamond cat. There was also another account under the name “Secreto” that I had found out was doing pretty much the same thing as me, so once I figured out I had competition I kicked it into high gear.”

Alan: “I’ll tell you a secret, I was going for the same thing as you as well, though not nearly as hard as you were chasing it! How did you decide on 64 Diamonds? That feels like a very specific number to anyone with a programming background.”

Slab: “Well that was a little bit more simple. I set a budget that I wouldn’t pay more than 0.1 for a diamond since I was going to have to acquire many of them it was my way of making sure I didn’t run out of ETH before finishing the project. So pretty much 64 was all I could find, haha.”

Slab owns diamond kitties in all the black traits. Orange traits are founder traits so no diamonds exist for them.

Alan: “Can you explain what a Diamond Bloodline is, exactly?”

Slab: “Diamonds are the original first cats with each trait (excluding founder traits). So a bloodline of diamonds is in my eyes the most efficient way to pass diamonds on to their descendants. So I pretty much sired off of or bought a direct descendant of all the diamonds I could and sorted them out to try and squeeze all the descendants of diamonds that I had into one bloodline, and I managed to do that by Gen 24. So a diamond bloodline is pretty much just one family where you can trace each individual diamond in it’s ancestry.”

Alan: “That’s only part of the process of getting an 8 diamond kitty though, right? How hard was it to actually breed a kitty that expressed 8 diamonds at the same time?”

Slab: “Right. It wasn’t easy finding a quick cooldown 8/8 trait cat to mate it with and it wasn’t exactly cheap to keep buying a cat to breed it with at each next generation but I feel like I got pretty lucky. And was able to do it within 8 breeds after completing the bloodline.”

Alan: “I love that you set such a loft goal for yourself and were able to push to achieve it so quickly. What comes next? What are your plans for this kitty?”

Slab: “I’m not quite sure what is next. Make renditions add more diamonds into the bloodline over time try to keep it updated with as many diamonds as possible. I really would like to sell it as a virgin. But depending on the offers I get I might sire it out it’s all really up in the air, haha, you could say I’m winging it. Planning to make a few more but the best I think I can do while keeping it a virgin is kinda push one through weekly since the bloodline is such a late gen it’s catatonic and can only breed once per week.”

Alan: “I love catatonic kitties, but that’s a subject for another article. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?”

Slab: “Save yourself the work and ETH and just sire off my family line, haha. It honestly was pretty rough opening up thousands if not multiple tens of thousands of tabs finding descendants. There really aren’t any utilizable tools to make it easier at the moment, at least that I am aware of.”

Alan: “You deserve to be well compensated for all this work, and I agree that anyone else thinking of trying what you tried should at least consider skipping the hard and expensive part that you already did! But there’s also a sense of personal accomplishment for those who want to do it for themselves. What attracted you to CryptoKitties, and why do you play today?”

Slab: “I really liked the concept of investing in cats and being able to sell the children without ever actually losing your initial investment. I thought it was a really interesting idea and honestly–haha–I played neopets back in the day so it had a touch of nostalgia along with it.”

Alan: “Neopets was great back in the day! Anything Axiom can do to bring more of the Neopets fun to CryptoKitties is super welcome in my book! Where can people reach you if they want to reminisce about Neopets or have any questions about what you accomplished or want to be a part of your 64 Diamond Bloodline?”

Slab: “People can email me at or contact me here on Discord or even on Reddit if they would like. I’ve posted a few things in the CryptoKitties subreddit so you should be able to search for my name and send me a message that way.”

Alan: “Wonderful! Thank you for your time, and congratulations on the accomplishment! I’m very jealous of your beautiful 8 diamond kitty!”




Miss Kitty WINNERS!

The winner of the beauty pageant is…Miss Kitty England!

Congratulations to Cleocatra, Kitty #505689!

Miss England

We had a panel of judges score each kitty. We also used a community poll to add bonus points to each kitty’s score. The kitties’ aesthetics (prettiness) were 80% of their scores, and the answers to the pageant questions were 20% of their scores.

If Miss Kitty Universe cannot fulfill her duties (i.e. doesn’t want to wear the gold medal), her runner-ups will be asked to take on that responsibility.

First runner-up:

Miss Kitty Russia! (Kitty #512990)

Miss Russia

Second runner-up (tie):

Miss USA (Kitty #468904) & Miss Canada (Kitty #524908)

Miss Kitty Runner-Ups

Fan Favorite:

Miss China (黑福猫 China-Ink Fu, Kitty #486311)

Miss China

Congratulations to ALL the kitties who participated in the International Beauty Pageant! We loved looking at beautiful kitties from around the world and hearing their answers to pageant questions. Thank you so much for playing!

DogCat – A Special “Year of the Dog” Fancy

UPDATE: The formula for DogCat has been determined. It’s tigerpunk + sweetmeloncakes + barkbrown + periwinkle + yokel.

by guest author: Quietest

dogcatYesterday, the CryptoKitties team teased us with DogCat (formally known as 汪星爷), a rare mixed-species kitty being released for the Year of the Dog. Only 88 DogCats will be released: 16 for special community giveaways (8 by cryptocurrency influencers in China, 8 by the CryptoKitties team for the rest of the world), and 72 for us to breed.

We’re still waiting to hear how the community kitties will be given out, but they said this about the breedable ones:

“With DogCat, we are trying a new way of releasing Fancy Cats where we mint a small number of them and let the community infer the recipe rather than sending out hints for traits. This experiment was motivated by community feedback, so let us know what you think!”

It didn’t take long for CryptoKitties fans to find the first eight DogCats minted and infer something big about the recipe: all of the DogCats released so far share the same eight traits:

  • Body: Birman
  • Pattern: Tigerpunk
  • Eye Type: Sweetmeloncakes
  • Body Color: Bananacream
  • Pattern Color: Barkbrown
  • Secondary Color: Periwinkle
  • Mouth: Yokel
  • Wild: Wild_d, previous known as the SantaClaws gene.

If DogCat had eight traits, it would be the first of its kind in CryptoKitties — and it would be astronomically difficult to breed. So far, most breeders are assuming that only some of those eight traits are required. Sweetmeloncakes and Periwinkle seem especially likely, since they are mutations of traits that were also released yesterday.

Sweetmeloncakes requires Wiley + Stunned

Periwinkle requires Missmuffett + Azaleablush

Until we see more DogCats, either from the remaining eight community kitties or the first freshly bred kitties, we can’t say for sure which traits will be needed — but they’re almost definitely from that list of eight shared traits. With only 72 to be bred, the race is already starting.


Miss Kitty Finalists

These are the finalists for the Miss Kitty Beauty Pageant. Enjoy and vote for your favorites at the bottom!

Miss China (黑福猫 China-Ink Fu, Kitty #486311)

Miss China

If you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
What are your talents and interests?
“Hi, my name is China-ink Fu (黑福). I’m a lovely black lucky cat from the East. In China traditional culture, black color cat means mascot, Fu (福)  also means blessing and happiness. Since ancient times, People keeps me for protection against evil, I bring people fortunate and peace (辟邪消災、保佑平安、招財招福). During the two of the Greatest Dynasties of Ancient China, Qin Dynasty (秦朝 221B.C. to 207B.C.) and Han Dynasty (汉朝 202B.C. to 220) , Black color was the Emperor Color. It was also called “Dark Black (玄色)” meaning Red in Black (黑中揚赤) to bless the Empire. So, I would like to ask for Fu (福)  for all crypto kitties and wish you all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog (祝大家狗年吉祥,財到福到).”

Mr. Sweden (Lasagna Hunter, Kitty #382429)

Mr. SwedenIf you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“Meow meow-meow, purrrrrr, meow!”
(“All I want is just another piece of lasagna, nothing fancy, meow!”)

What are your talents and interests?
“Meow meow, MEOW!, meow meowww purr.”
(“Shakin’ dat booty, fighting the patriarchy, picking on mice and eating fresh, straight from the oven, lasagna.”)

Miss USA (Faded America, Kitty #468904)

Miss USAIf you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“I would ask for a decentralized currency that allows for the trading of humans so we can choose the human that suits us best.  More power to the kitties…..and World Peace!”

What are your talents and interests?
“I’m an excellent breeder with the highest quality genes.  I enjoy riding Unicorns, it says so in my bio.  I know how to grow catnip in large supply.. I’ve been told I’m the largest distributor of catnip in the world.  I groom myself.  I swallow my fur balls without coughing them back up.  Can’t help but feel, I’m one independent sassy kitty of the highest degree.”

Miss Canada (Silver Mittens, Kitty #524908)

Miss Canada

What is an issue that cryptokitties like yourself face today?
“There are a lot of jewel thieves in the cryptokitty world! I would do my best to help my cryptokitty brothers and sisters so that no one would feel the need to resort to such actions! We are all rich because we have loving owners 🙂 ”

What are your talents and interests?
“I am named silver mittens not only because of my fur colors but also because I love to paw and play with shiny things! My owner says my best talent is being able to wake her up on schedule with gentle purrs and cuddles 🙂  I also bring my owner meals I have caught to do my part in ending cryptoworld hunger xP”

Miss Italy (Kitty #48788)

Miss ItalyIf you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“Chiederei che non ci fosse possibilità di guadagno con noi cryptogatti perchè la maggior parte delle persone ci sfrutta solo per un ritorno economico.”
(“I would like that wasn’t possible to earn eth from us cryptokitties because a lot of people look at us only like an investment.”)

What are your talents and interests?
“Sono una cercatrice di petrolio di fama internazionale. Ho scoperto più di 100 nuovi pozzi da quando ho iniziato. A volte quando trono a casa la sera il mio padrone mi scambia per il suo onyx.

(“I’m a world-class oil seeker. I discovered over than 100 new oil wells since I start this job. Sometimes when I come back home from work my owner thinks I’m his onyx cat.”)

Mr. France (Cutest Painter, Kitty #537893)

Mr. France

If you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“I would ask a time machine. I would then be able to travel to Paris at the beginning of the 20th century when the artist were at their best. I could meet legendary painters and live in Montmartre and paint all day long.”

What are your talents and interests?
“My interest is painting. My best talent is teaching painting. That’s why Salvador Dali ask me to teach him how to master painting. I accepted him as my apprentice but under one condition: he had to grow the same style of mustache as me!”

Mr. Germany (Kitty #531556)

Mr. Germany

If you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
*waves* “Hello! I’d wish for a house. I always wanted my own. Obviously, it would produce food, especially tacos and ice cream. Don’t judge me for looking fat, I have fluffy fur.”

What are your talents and interests?
Talents: “Eating 50 tacos in 10 minutes.”
Interests: “Currently doing research on combining ice cream with tacos.”

Miss Russia (Kitty #512990)

Miss Russia

If you could live your life over, what part of your life would you change?
“Мне многие говорят, что я похожа на облачко во время грозы. Сначала спокойная, но неожиданно мой взгляд приковывает внимание и мои глаза начинает стрелять молниями. И я действительно обладаю суперспособностью – покорять всех своим очарованием.

Если бы я могла прожить свою жизнь еще раз, я бы сделала всё, чтобы попасть в команду Мстителей или Людей Х. Я и Гроза или я и Алая Ведьма были бы идеальной командой. Мб Наташа Романова сначала не полюбила бы меня, потому что я превосходила бы её своей красотой и очарованием (и навыками супер убийцы), но потом – мы стали бы лучшими подругами. Я уверена, что я была бы самым незаменимым членом вселенной Марвел.”

(“Many people tell me that I look like a cloud during a thunderstorm. At first I am a calm girl, but unexpectedly my sight attracts attention and my eyes start to shoot with lightning. And I really have the superpower – to conquer hearts with charm.

If I could live my life again, I would have done everything to get into the team of the Avengers or X-Men. Storm with I or Scarlet Witch with I would have been an ideal team. Maybe Natasha Romanova first would not love me, because I would surpass her with my beauty and charm (and the skills of a super killer), but then – we would become best friends. I’m sure that I would be the most indispensable member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”)

What are your talents and interests?
“Таланты: обворожительность и очаровательность; навыки суперубийцы; мастер капоэйра; невероятная харизма; милые позы для сна.

Интересы: вселенная Марвел, прыжки с парашютом; люблю ухаживать за домашними рыбками; сногсшибательные татуировки; путешествия по всему миру (чтобы дарить лучи тепла и добра 😇).”

(Talents: fascination and enchantment; super-killer skills; capoeira master; incredible charisma; cute poses for sleeping.

 Interests: Marvel Universe; parachute jumps; I love to take care of my gold fishes; stunning tattoos; travel around the world (to give the rays of warmth and kindness 😇).”

Miss Spain (Maria Dolores, Kitty #510519)

Miss Spain

If you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“Arre you kidding meow?? I am a Spanish gypsy queen! I’ve had a wonderrful gypsy life that has been the envy of all cats! I only rregret having lost my beloved son Negato… he neverr underrstood my unhealthy obsession for tarrtar sauce and garrlic!”

What are your talents and interests?
“I am purrebred Gypsy! I am a tireless travelerr, adventurous, seductive dancerr, hand readerr, motherr of Momo-Chan’s… and ice cream lover! Ninja blood rruns through my veins and I have contacts in the highest spheres. I just want our onyx beautiful colorr among all the cats in Catopolis!”

Miss England (Cleocatra, Kitty #505689)

Miss EnglandIf you had a magic wand, what would you ask for and why?
“I’d ask for the map to the land of my forebears, which is born into the mind as a cloth of scattered diamonds beneath the paw of any kitten who wishes to walk the path. Explorers of this land, once they return, may bestow gifts of knowledge of the beginnings of the cryptoverse, and the divine formation of the most recent block. I’m told the forebears also make incredible cucumber sandwiches. I absolutely have to try these in at least one of my nine lives.”

What are your talents and interests?
“When I was younger I learnt that I had the ability to recollect my past lives. On a Sunday as I settle for one of several naps, I let myself drift along the stream of time and awake to a Galaxy on the outer reaches of the Etherverse, where my friends of the 5th life and I waded through liquid pearl to find the host planet of our lost dream partners. On Tuesdays, I travel to Sector Esanterriqual, where my lover and I learnt the magic of peace. We scattered golden ears of corn among the playing fields of Ialay, 9th Moon of Toron, and turned the sky into a sea of sparkling golden fishes to feed the planet’s kitten population. Some days I even remember a life when I came to Earth in Mexico at the beginning of the Cretaceous era, but that’s another story. As you may have noticed by now, in my present life, the 7th, I like to day-dream a lot. I haven’t done much of importance yet in this life, but it’s nice to spend some time reflecting when you have several, and who knows how busy exploring and making magic I’ll be in the 8th.”

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