How much does breeding cost?
0.008 ETH.

If I breed with a Fancy or Exclusive cat, will my offspring look like that too?
Probably not. Exclusive cats just have normal offspring, so if you breed with Cathena, you will just end up with a normal cat (though one with impressive parentage).

All Fancy cats are limited to a certain number which is indicated on their Special Feature badge. If the badge does not explicitly state that there are still Fancies left, then breeding that cat will definitely not result in another Fancy of that type. If there are still Fancies of that type left, then breeding that cat may result in a Fancy offspring (since the parent has all of the necessary genes) but due to the randomness of cat genetics the offspring can still end up as a normal cat.

If I breed two cats that are different generations, what will the offspring be?
The offspring’s generation will always be one more than the highest generation cat. Example: If you breed a Gen 3 and a Gen 6, the offspring will be a Gen 7.

If I breed a Snappy cat with a Slow cat, how long will it take to get the kitten?
It depends on which cat is the mom. Each cat goes through cooldown individually, so if the dame was a 30-min Snappy, the kitten will be born in 30 minutes.

What will the offspring’s cooldown be?
It depends on its generation. See this chart to determine its cooldown exactly.

Does it matter which cat I use as the sire and which cat I use as the dame?
Genetically, no. The probability of getting traits from the sire is the same as getting them from the dame.
If you want your kitten quickly, however, pick the faster cat as the dame.

Is there any way to find my kitty’s DNA and read its genetic code?
Yes! Check out my post on How to Read Your Kitty’s Genes.

Can a kitty be bred with its siblings?
No, a kitty cannot be bred with siblings, half-siblings, or parents.


I want to send money or a cat to an address but it looks different due to capital letters. Is that the right address?
Yes, wallet addresses are not case-sensitive.

I click on “Buy this kitty” and nothing happens. What gives?
Metamask sometimes takes a minute to pop up.

It’s saying my transaction fee is going to be over $100?! Is this right?!
No, definitely not. Check the gas limit. If Metamask automatically set the gas limit to 6,000,000 or something crazy, there was a problem. Hit ‘Reject’ and try the transaction again. The gas limit should be roughly 100,000-250,000. See my post on Gas Limit and Gas Price to learn more.

Why aren’t my transactions going through?! Everything is stuck on “pending”!
The likely culprit is that you used too low a gas price on a transaction. This not only hangs up the low-gas transaction but every other transaction after it. Transactions have to be done in order, so if you send one with too little gas, everything after it (even those with plenty of gas) gets stuck behind the bad one. The fix: You can re-send the stuck low-gas transaction at a higher price by clicking on the Metamask button that says, “Taking too long? Retry with a higher gas price here.” Alternatively, you can go to MyEtherWallet and clear out all your bad transactions at once. (For directions on how to do this, search on YouTube for “CryptoKitties how to fix stuck transactions myetherwallet”.)

Why did my transaction fail?
Probably because either a) your gas LIMIT was too low, or b) someone else already bought the kitty you’re after. See details here.

The transaction in Etherscan says successful, but I don’t see my kitty. Where is it?
The good news is, if the blockchain says it’s yours, it’s yours. The blockchain doesn’t lie. The CryptoKitty website might be lagging behind, though, so give it some time and you’re kitty will show up soon.

In Etherscan, my “Internal Transactions” show a lot of tiny ETH transactions to my account. Where did these come from?
These are probably residual refunds from declining price auctions of cats that you have bought. Between the time when you initiate the transaction and when it has been actually processed, the price of the cat may have decreased so this difference is refunded to your account as an internal transaction.

Market Value

What should I sell my kitty for?
You can check recent sales history at KittyExplorer. Filter by a similar generation and one of your kitty’s rarer traits.

Is my kitty a shit-kitty?
NO. Despite popular belief, there is no such thing as a shit-kitty. They’re all beautiful and valuable in their own way. If you no longer want your kitty, however, I would love to give it a good home. Please send it here: 0xaba935f589805095a892ecefdb6eb83eff45d679.

See other FAQ’s here.

Tips and Tricks

If you decide not to proceed with a transaction, make sure to hit REJECT. Don’t just close the Metamask window!! Otherwise, the next time you initiate a transaction, Metamask will open two transactions and you may accidentally accept the wrong one.