Breeding Calculators

When you’re breeding cats, it’s nice to know what traits are likely to be passed on to offspring. It helps you make better decisions.

When CryptoKitties started getting popular, a lot of people started making “breeding calculators” even though the cats’ genetics weren’t fully understood. These calculators relied on anything from guessing to machine learning, but basically all of them were inaccurate to some degree.

Now that the genetics have been cracked and the smart contract analyzed, it’s possible to have breeding calculators that are exact and accurate. But a lot of the incorrect calculators still exist on the web!

There are, however, a few really good calculators. I really like and KittyAppX.

KittyCalc shows the breeding outcomes visually in a donut chart and also rates the traits on attractiveness (subjectively, of course). It also specifies which traits may appear as a result of mutation.

kittycalc pic

The interesting thing about KittyCalc is that it was created by players who not only understand the true math behind the breeding algorithm but are artists as well. As a result, they’ve incorporated suggestions on what traits pair well together.

They did, however, get one detail embarrassingly wrong. “Thicccbrowz” is a FIVE-STAR trait, you guys!! What are you thinking??

Pfff. Cookie and I are deeply offended.