Undiscovered Fancies – Hints and Speculation

Update: Earnie (the Golden Kitty Fancy) does NOT require gold. Details below.

There are a lot of fancies waiting to be discovered right now. Here’s what we think we know. (Remember: before going after a fancy combo, make sure no kitties already exist with that combo.)

Golden Kitty Fancy (Earnie)earnie.jpg

  • Named in honor of Earn.com for winning the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award (CryptoKitties was a nominee for the award).
  • Released around Feb. 1.
  • Twitter hint #1: “Their favorite drink is neither Coke nor Pepsi.” This probably means that orangesoda is a required trait, although it’s possible it could be referring to lemonade (or both).
  • Twitter hint #2: “They picked up this cattribute on a trip to Burma…” This is referring to the cattribute birman (confirmed by the developers on Twitter).
  • Twitter hint #3: “Earnie has a favorite kind of fairy tail…” This is probably referring to grim.
  • Twitter hint #3.5: “Trying to breed Earnie with a cattribute as literal as this one is a fool’s errand…” This means that gold (eye color) is NOT a required cattribute in the Earnie formula.
  • Earnie has 4 traits. (According to the CK developers on Twitter.)
  • Earnie = orangesoda + birman + grim + gold + (lemonade(?), daffodil(?), …?)
earnie 2
Don’t I look like a Golden Kitty?


Good Fortune Kitty (Maneki-Neko)Fortune Kitty

  • Unconfirmed fancy from a leaked image from a meet-up in Hong Kong.
  • Guesses from the image: wingtips, calicool, soserious, topaz/forgetmenot/sapphire, bobtail
  • From the Wikipedia page about Maneki-Neko (lucky kitties), it says that they’re most commonly white. So cloudwhite is likely part of the formula as well.
  • Note: Most fancies have 4-trait requirements. And some fancies exhibit traits that aren’t part of their formulas (e.g. SantaClaws has cheeky), and vice versa.
  • Maneki-Neko = wingtips(?) + calicool(?) + cloudwhite(?) + bobtail(?) + soserious(?) + topaz/forgetmenot/sapphire(?) + …?

Lion-Dance Kitty (Chinese Fancy #2)

  • According to a Quartz article about the CryptoKitties launch in China, there will be three fancies released during the Lunar New Year holiday season, and one of those will be kitty dressed in a lion-dance costume.

Chinese Fancy #3

  • See above comment.

Chinese Golden Dragon Exclusive Kitty

  • According to the same Quartz article, there will also be an exclusive kitty that resembles a golden dragon. Since it will be an exclusive fancy kitty, it will not have a recipe and will not be able to be created.

Year of the Dog Kitty (Exclusive?)dog kitty

  • This dog kitty is most likely an exclusive kitty (cannot be reproduced). In other words, it probably doesn’t have a “recipe”.
  • We know it exists based on this image and message from Benny: “We’ve announced our partnership with Cobo for the Chinese New Year launch. We will be doing a co-marketing campaign with the top prize being one of the most coveted kitties. A symbol for the year of the dog!”

Draco (Dragon Kitty)draco

  • May or may not be released yet.
  • No hints have been given out, no traits have been confirmed. The formula pieces below are pure guesses.
  • Draco = wuvme(?) + verdigris(?) + googly(?) + spangled(?) + elk(?) + …?

 Korean Fancy

  • Unconfirmed, but since there have been fancies for Japan (ninjas) and fancies for China (see above), we can assume that South Korea will get some too.

Valentine’s Day Fancy (Love Kitty)

  • Unconfirmed, but there are usually fancies for all the major holidays.
  • Love Kitty = wuvme(?) + chocolate(?) + strawberry(?) + …?


For recipes for all the discovered fancies, visit How to Make Fancy Cats.

To learn about how fancy cats are “released” and discovered, visit THIS POST.

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Maximize Your Mutations!

To understand mutations, please read this post first.

We know how genes mutate, and we know that stacked mutations–especially in low-generation cats–are generally more valuable. So I’ve created a tool to help maximize mutation potential.


Is your cat’s life dull and drab? Is she tired of giving birth to boring kittens?
Does she want to spice up her life with MUTATED OFFSPRING?!
Then I have the dating service for you!
Use this sheet to find the ideal partner for your CryptoKitty to maximize the odds of mutations.

mutation matchup


To learn more about mutations and the odds of producing them, visit THIS POST.

Happy breeding!
– Jodiferous



What’s Rare? What’s Desirable?

What makes some CryptoKitties more valuable than others? Why do some kitties plummet in value while others don’t? How can you tell ahead of time?

Kitties get their value from two things: RARITY and DESIRABILITY. If a cat can maintain both over time, it’ll hold its value much better than the new hotshot cat with shiny antlers. Here are some things to think about before buying the expensive kitty in the window.


Gen 0 Cats

There will only be 50,000 Gen 0 cats, and they will no longer be produced after November 2018. Other generations can be created through breeding, but Gen 0 cats cannot. They will be more scarce than higher generations.Read More »

How to Make Fancy Cats

Some CryptoKitties are classified as Fancy cats. Their artwork differs from the standard set of cattributes. After a fancy cat is unlocked/discovered, you can breed your own by combining certain cattributes until the limit is reached. (Exclusive cats like Genesis cannot be reproduced through breeding.)

Fancy Cat Recipes and Limits

Vernon (320) = amur + springcrocus + fabulous + belleblue + cottoncandy + soserious
Berry (200) = dragonfruit + apricot + thunderstruck + emeraldgreen + simple
PussForProgress (1920) = himalayan + safetyvest + peach + gerbil
FortuneCat (888) = calicool + sapphire + harbourfog + swampgreen + beard
LionDance (888) = manx + googly + royalblue + starstruck
DogCat (88) = tigerpunk + sweetmeloncakes +barkbrown + periwinkle + yokel
Tabby (250) = ragamuffin + otaku + morningglory + cheeky
YuriCatsuki (250) = elk + tiger + cymric + neckbeard
MisterPurrfect (1,000) = strawberry + chocolate + wuvme + baddate
Earnie (500) = orangesoda + birman + grim + hotrod
Momo-chan (500) = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + sass + bloodred
Negato (500) = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots
Stitches (500) = hintomint + swampgreen + seafoam + saycheese
PhuZiqaat (1,000) = chartreux + spock + alien + pouty
SantaClaws (1,000) = cloudwhite + scarlet + beard + wild_d
Mistletoe (2,000) = crazy + oldlace + gerbil
Dracula (2,000) = laperm + spock + strawberry + wild_1
ShipCat (2,000)= sphynx + luckystripe + crazy + orangesoda
DuCat (10,000) = cymric + tongue

For information on how to tell if your parent kitties carry the necessary wild gene, see my post on How to Read Your Kitty’s Genome.

Some of the fancies:



There are also add-on cattributes like Elk and Trioculus.

add-on chart

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous

What happens if you breed a cat with all the required traits for TWO fancies? See my post: A DOUBLE Fancy?!

ck banner 3

Advice for New Players

I asked experienced players what they wish they would’ve known at the start. Here is their advice.

Metamask automatically sets Gas Limit and Gas Price for you, but if you learn to adjust it, you’ll save a LOT in fees. Visit my post here to understand gas, or just do this:
– Set gas limit to 250,000.
– For gas price, visit ethgasstation.info and use the Gas Price Std amount.
Read More »


Before reading this post, you should know how to read a kitty’s genes.

Each trait in CryptoKitties has a “mutation pair” that, when bred together, gives a small chance (usually 14%) of generating a brand new trait not necessarily seen in either parent. Those new traits are referred to as mutations. After a gene mutates, it may then be passed on to offspring the same way as basic traits.

Because Gen 0 cats only have basic traits, mutations tend to be rare at low generations, so they are often (but not always) more valuable.

(Note: Mutations are separate from the “recessive” genes that have a chance to gene swap into the dominant position.)

How do mutations work?

From a technical point-of-view, mutations occur when pairs of neighboring genes (e.g. 00010 & 00011) are bred together. If they mutate, the mutation takes the gene with a ‘1’ at the end and moves it to the beginning (e.g. 00011 –> 10001). You don’t really need to know that, though. You can just use the following method.

In the chart below, you can see that topaz and mintgreen are a neighboring pair. In the right-hand column, it says they mutate into gene ‘i’. Find ‘i’ in the kai column and trace it back to eye color. Topaz and mintgreen have the potential to mutate into limegreen.

To find all possible mutations, please see our updated Trait Chart.

ck kai chart mutations red.png
What are the odds of mutation?

Read More »

Breeding Outcomes

Dominant and Recessive Genes

Unlike traditional genetics, where dominant and recessive genes have to do with the traits themselves (e.g. blond hair is recessive to black hair), CryptoKitty genes are dominant and recessive based on where they are located in the kitty’s genome, and it affects what gets passed to offspring.Read More »