How to Value Your Kitties

New Tool: Kitty Evaluator

It’s impossible to put a specific price-tag on a kitty because its value is determined by the market, but it is possible to identify what elements of kitties hold more value than others. For example…

  • When all other things are equal, low generation cats are more valuable than high generation cats.
  • When all other things are equal, mutations are more valuable than basic traits.
  • When all other things are equal, pretty traits are more valuable than ugly ones.

These comparisons can help you know what to look for in a kitty.

diamond princessValuable Components

The more of these components you have going for your kitty, the more valuable it will be. Low generation is easily the most important factor (if you intend to breed your kitties). If nothing else, PLEASE pay attention to generation.

Kitty Evaluator

But is there an easy way to evaluate your kitty’s traits? Why yes! So glad you asked!

Check out the new Kitty Evaluator! (Link in the sidebar.)

Final Takeaway

The most valuable kitties are usually those with multiple mutations in low generations.

To maximize your odds of getting mutations, use the Mutation Match-Up Tool.



List of All Possible Mutations

Each trait has a “mutation pair” that, when bred together, has a small chance of mutating into a completely different gene. Here’s a guide on how to find all possible mutation combinations, even for non-visible genes and newly-released traits.

First, we need the Trait Chart. The Trait Chart shows all the discovered traits and their corresponding genetic codes. When a new trait is discovered, we simply look at the cat’s genes to see what code the new trait maps to.

Look at the chart. Do you see how the traits are divided into pairs? Each pair of neighboring genes can mutate.

What do they mutate to? Look at the right-hand column that says “mutates to”. It tells you what kai code the pair has potential to mutate into. For example, otaku+simple mutates to eye type ‘j‘, which is “fabulous” eyes.

trait chart explanation

When a new trait is released, you can immediately tell 1) what it will mutate with, and 2) where the new mutation will fall. For example, once we see eye type ‘1’ released, we know that you can breed it with “wonky” and that it will mutate into eye type ‘h’. AND THEN eye type ‘h’ can be bred with “alien” to mutate into eye type ‘q’. AND THEN eye type ‘q’ can be bred with “wingtips” to mutate into eye type ‘u’, which will be a tier-3 mutation!!

Ahhh. Beautiful, valuable mutation cascades. You gotta love ’em.

To learn more about mutations, visit THIS POST for a full explanation (including probabilites).

Also, to increase the value of your cats, try to stack mutations. Find a breeding partner for your kitty to maximize your odds by using this Mutation Match-Up tool.

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous


How to Make Negato the Ninja Fancy

Negato = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots

(In other words, if you breed a cat that has all four of those traits, it will turn into Negato the Ninja Fancy.)

fancy negato.PNG

But here’s the really interesting part: There’s another undiscovered Fancy Cat! (Probably another ninja.) Here’s the tweet from CK right after Negato was discovered:

fancy ninja tweet

And then a CK guy popped into Discord and told us that the twitter hints (onyx, henna, and wolfgrey) still apply to the undiscovered fancy.

In other words, keep breeding!

UPDATE: The second ninja was discovered! See How to Make Momo-Chan.


To see the recipes for other fancies, check out How to Make Fancy Cats.

ck banner 3

How to Get Free CryptoKitties

1.  Tell your mom you want one for your birthday.
A classic method but quite effective.

birthday kitty

2.  Enter a giveaway.
If you look around the web, you can sometimes find free kitty giveaways. The best one right now is at He gives away a kitty every day, and all you have to do to enter is “like” some kitties and put in your CryptoKitty address (so he knows where to send your free kitty). Pretty easy, right?Read More »

How to Read Your Kitty’s Genes

You can use this spreadsheet to read your kitty’s genes for you. Read below to understand how it works.

Find and Read Your Kitty’s Genetic Code

1.  Your kitty’s genome is made up of gene blocks. Each block of 4 genes describes a cattribute category. Your kitty has 1 dominant trait and 3 recessive traits in each group. The dominant trait (D0) is on the right side and is your kitty’s visible cattribute (e.g. sphynx). The recessive traits are non-visible, but may be passed on to children.

kai genome2.  Kittens have a 75% chance of inheriting the dominant trait from one of their parents, and a 25% chance of inheriting one of their parents’ recessive genes. (For detailed odds, see my post on Breeding Outcomes.)

The Trait Chart has all known traits and their kai and binary codes.

This spreadsheet will read your kitty’s genes for you.

Special shout-out to kai for breaking the genetic code. See his article here:


How to Determine Cooldown Speed

cooldownAfter breeding, kitties must wait a certain amount of time before they can breed again. This is called cooldown.

Each kitty is born with a certain cooldown speed determined by its generation.

Every time a kitty breeds, its cooldown time increases.

Example:cooldown 3

This is my cat, Cookie. She is a Gen 11 and has 3 kids.

She was born with a 1-hr cooldown, but after having 3 kids, she is now in the 8-hr slot.

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous