Kitty Treasure Hunt

We’re having a kitty treasure hunt this week! We’re giving away 5 free kitties as prizes (provided by kitty breeder Uynix). Here’s how it works:

cookie treasure

  1. I have chosen a Secret Kitty and will give out clues to its identity every day.
  2. Each day, participants may submit one (1) guess as to who the Secret Kitty is.
  3. The first person to guess the Secret Kitty correctly is an automatic winner. Everyone else who guesses correctly by March 1 will be entered into a random drawing for the remaining four prizes.
  4. Winners may choose ANY kitty they want from Uynix’s Prize Kitty account.


Clue 0: The Secret Kitty lives here.

Clue 1: The Secret Kitty loves Christmas (it wants to be Santa Claus when it grows up).

Submit your guesses below! (Remember: only one (1) guess each day.)


Special thanks to Uynix for sponsoring this treasure hunt! If you’re interested in any of his kitties, you may contact him here: or Discord: @Uynix#3368