Why won’t my transaction go through?!

Here are some reasons your transactions might be getting stuck.

1. You used too low a gas price. 

This not only hangs up the low-gas transaction but every other transaction after it. Transactions have to be done in order, so if you send one with too little gas, everything after it (even those with plenty of gas) gets stuck behind the bad one.

The fix: You can re-send the stuck low-gas transaction at a higher price by clicking on the Metamask button that says, “Taking too long? Retry with a higher gas price here.” (For help choosing a good gas price, see my post on Gas Price and Gas Limit.)Read More »

What’s Rare? What’s Desirable?

What makes some CryptoKitties more valuable than others? Why do some kitties plummet in value while others don’t? How can you tell ahead of time?

Kitties get their value from two things: RARITY and DESIRABILITY. If a cat can maintain both over time, it’ll hold its value much better than the new hotshot cat with shiny antlers. Here are some things to think about before buying the expensive kitty in the window.


Gen 0 Cats

There will only be 50,000 Gen 0 cats, and they will no longer be produced after November 2018. Other generations can be created through breeding, but Gen 0 cats cannot. They will be more scarce than higher generations.Read More »

How to Get Free CryptoKitties

1.  Tell your mom you want one for your birthday.
A classic method but quite effective.

birthday kitty

2.  Enter a giveaway.
If you look around the web, you can sometimes find free kitty giveaways. The best one right now is at poopie.cat. He gives away a kitty every day, and all you have to do to enter is “like” some kitties and put in your CryptoKitty address (so he knows where to send your free kitty). Pretty easy, right?Read More »

Advice for New Players

I asked experienced players what they wish they would’ve known at the start. Here is their advice.

Metamask automatically sets Gas Limit and Gas Price for you, but if you learn to adjust it, you’ll save a LOT in fees. Visit my post here to understand gas, or just do this:
– Set gas limit to 250,000.
– For gas price, visit ethgasstation.info and use the Gas Price Std amount.
Read More »

How to Read Your Kitty’s Genes

You can use this spreadsheet to read your kitty’s genes for you. Read below to understand how it works.

Each kitty has a unique genetic code. Here’s how to interpret your kitty’s genes.

Find and Read Your Kitty’s Genetic Code

1.  Find your kitty here: cryptokittydex.com/kitties/[KITTY#HERE]
2.  Look at the kai genome. See how it’s divided it into 4-digit chunks?
3.  Each chunk of 4 genes describes a cattribute category. Your kitty has 1 dominant trait and 3 recessive traits in each group. The dominant trait (D0) is on the right side and is your kitty’s visible cattribute (e.g. sphynx). The recessive traits are non-visible, but may be passed on to children.

kai genome4.  Kittens have a 75% chance of inheriting the dominant trait from one of their parents, and a 25% chance of inheriting one of their parents’ recessive genes. (For detailed odds, see my post on Breeding Outcomes.)

The Trait Chart has all known traits and their kai and binary codes.

This spreadsheet will read your kitty’s genes for you.


Special shout-out to kai for breaking the genetic code. See his article here:



Types of Players

There are countless ways to enjoy CryptoKitties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

What kind of a player are you?

The Cat Lover
You buy a few cats. You give them cute and hilarious names. You show them to your friends and family. Your mom says, “You spent your birthday money on that?” But you don’t care what anyone says. You love your cats and you’ll keep them forever.

​The Collector
You love calicools and can’t help hoarding them. Or maybe you’re a Fancy Cat Enthusiast and want one of each kind. Or maybe you want to own every cattribute so as soon as a new cat is discovered, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to create one. Any way you slice it, you’re a cat collector.Read More »