Kitty Treasure Hunt #2

We’re having another kitty treasure hunt! This one will be different than the last treasure hunt. Here’s how it works:

cookie treasure

  1. I will choose a Secret Kitty EACH DAY and give out a clue to its identity.
  2. Players may submit one (1) guess each day as to who the Secret Kitty is. I will pick a new Secret Kitty every day.
  3. Whenever you guess the Secret Kitty correctly, you will receive an entry into the prize raffle. (If you guess 4 kitties correctly, you will get 4 entries.)
  4. At the end of the treasure hunt, I will randomly select a winner. The winner will receive a free kitty! (Depending on how many people participate, I may award multiple winners.)

(If the Secret Kitty is sold during its day in the spotlight, I will note it here. Only the guesses submitted before its sale will count.)


All the Secret Kitties live HERE.

Kitty #1: “Oh, woe is me! If I had been born earlier, I would have had original artwork on TWO of my traits! Alas, ’twas not to be. Oh well. At least I have this sparkly Mewtation Jewel (I wish it were a diamond, though.)”


How I Play CryptoKitties

I’ve decided to share my personal CryptoKitties strategy. This is not investment advice; it is simply how I choose to play. Please bear that in mind.

First of all, I have never put in more money than I am willing to lose. That’s pretty important.

I have three kinds of kitties: 1) investment kitties, 2) breeding kitties, 3) just-for-fun kitties.

Investment Kitties

These are the kitties that I am holding for long-term gains. They have production limits, so their rarity should get better over time. I have two Gen 0’s, two fancies (SantaClaws), and three low-ID kitties (<#100,000).

Breeding Kitties

It doesn’t make sense to try to breed all the kinds of kitties, so I have chosen a particular combination to focus on. I have chosen cloudwhite wingtips cats because they fit well into the 3 elements of kitty value: rarity, utility, and appearance.


Cloudwhite is a tier-1 mutation, and wingtips is a tier-2 mutation. Because they are mutations, they are harder to create. This makes them much more rare than basic traits, especially in lower generations.


Cloudwhite and wingtips are useful in a few different ways. Most importantly, their mutation pairs have not been released yet. Once those mutation pairs are released, the value of cloudwhite and wingtips will jump up for a period of time. In addition, wingtips has never been used in a fancy recipe. When that happens, wingtips will see another bump in value.


Wingtips is easily the community’s favorite eye shape. It makes any cat a little cuter, and it consistently sells at a premium due to its attractiveness. Cloudwhite is also a widely popular base color. It stands out in the marketplace and it matches well with basically all the other colors.

(I also like to pair cloudwhite wingtips cats with pretty mouths (whixtensions, soserious, happygokitty) to complete the ensemble.)

snow angel

In addition to the factors of rarity, utility, and appearance, I also personally LOVE cloudwhite wingtips. And I think that’s vital, too. If you try to chase after something that you don’t have a personal interest in, it will likely fail. For example, a lot of people like otaku and royalblue, but I just can’t get excited about those. It would be a bad idea for me to pursue them because I’d naturally veer back to something I truly enjoyed.

Just-for-Fun Kitties

Speaking of enjoyment, I also allow myself a little bit of ETH to blow on “just-for-fun” kitties. I buy these kitties for no other reason than I like them. Since I’m not worried about turning these kitties into profits, I can fully disregard generation or cooldown or genetics. There are some incredibly adorable kitties out there at dirt-cheap prices, and sometimes it’s fun to splurge on a few of them.


How I Acquired My Cloudwhite Wingtips Kitties

To get my first cloudwhite wingtips kitties, I created two breeding pairs.

In my first breeding pair, the sire had salmon and raisedbrow, and the dame had shawdowgrey and fabulous. I did this because salmon + shadowgrey –> cloudwhite, and raisedbrow + fabulous –> wingtips. I also made sure they had additional good features (ganado, spock, happygokitty) so the breeding failures would still be decent cats. The odds of creating a cloudwhite wingtips from this pair was low, but I was okay with that because I got the pair at a good price and I knew most of the failures would at least have wingtips, fabulous, or ganado. (And since I no longer need this pair, I am selling them at 0.007 each.)

breeding pair 1

For my second breeding pair, the sire was an almost-purebred cloudwhite kitty and my dame was a wingtips kitty. Since I didn’t have to mutate into the traits, my odds of creating a cloudwhite wingtips was better. Also, 30% of the failures would have wingtips (woohoo!). My ‘bonus’ traits in this pair were laperm (mutation), egyptionkohl, and whixtensions. I am also selling this pair now.

breeding pair 2

After I bred my own cloudwhite wingtips kitty, I also bought another one from @Poopie because it was exactly the match I wanted for my kitty and it was at an incredible price (I’ve been tracking the cloudwhite wingtips market for months). I have now begun breeding my cloudwhite wingtips pair together. This is, of course, my very best breeding pair. When you breed together two cloudwhite wingtips, 50% of the offspring have both cloudwhite wingtips, and nearly all the failures have at least cloudwhite OR wingtips.

Now that I’m set up, I am selling all my extra breeders.

For example, here is another breeding pair I created but didn’t end up needing. I’m selling them for 0.01 each.

Dame: Fabulous (mutation) and Salmon (retired), Bonus: Ganado
Sire: Raisedbrow (mutation) and Shadowgrey, Bonus: Laperm (mutation) and Bubblegum (mutation)

Note: the bonus items are important because they give value to your breeding failures.

breeding pair 3

My other breeders (and cloudwhite wingtips) can be seen HERE.


Whatever your strategy may be, it’s nice to focus on one area of the market than trying to take it all on at once. It’s also a good idea to have a clear plan of execution rather than buying random cats. Think about rarity, utility, and appearance, and don’t forget to enjoy the process along the way!

Happy Kittying!

– Jodiferous

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Kitty Tournament!

Update: We have gone two rounds, and the updated brackets are below. Our target kitty for Round 3 is: 

Kitty #635000

We’re having a Kitty Tournament this week!gold medal on cookie

Here’s how it will work:

1.  Everyone will submit one kitty and I will place them into a bracket. Each kitty will be matched up with a single competitor for the first round.

2.  We will choose an upcoming, not-yet-born kitty to be our “target” kitty. For example, we might choose Kitty #650000.

3.  When the target kitty is born, the two kitties in each match-up will be compared against the target kitty. The kitty who is the most similar to the target kitty will move on to the next round. We will then choose a new target kitty and repeat the process.

If you want to see how the kitties will be compared to the target kitty, you can check out the Kitty Tournament Spreadsheet. (Feel free to input kitties and test it out.)

4.  To join us, just pick one of your kitties that wants a gold medal and submit its info below!

We will have three (3) brackets of 32 kitties each. The first 96 submissions I receive will get to play in the tournament.

RULES: Each person may only submit ONE (1) kitty (even if you have multiple accounts). Fancy cats may not enter (because they can’t wear gold medals).
PRIZES: There will be 3 winners. Each winner will get a Gold Medal (details below) AND a free kitty.

(Email required for contest communication only. I will never sell or share your email.)

[Submissions are now closed.]


Tournament Bracket 1 Round 2

Tournament Bracket 2 Round 2

Tournament Bracket 3 Round 2

Gold Medals

The Kitty411 Gold Medals are exclusive medals only given to contest winners. They cannot be purchased and are very rare. The gold medals are real blockchain tokens provided by KittyHats, and anyone with the KittyHats extension will be able to view the medal on your kitty.

Past Contest Winners (click to visit)

winner Beauty Pageant
Cleocatra – Winner of the Miss Kitty Beauty Pageant
winner Purebred
Porygon Pureheart – Winner of Purebred Contest
winner Ugliest Kitty
Derpface – World’s Ugliest Cat
winner Kitty Battle
Nachocot – Kitty Battle World Champion
winner Hamster Cat
Hamster Cat – Winner of the first Breeders’ Cup