How to Make DiverKitty

DiverKitty =

aquamarine + skyblue + seafoam

Fact of the Day: “Chat Plongeur” means “Cat Diver” in French

At long last, the Fancy inspired by CrypoKitties411’s Create-Your-Own-Fancy-Recipe Contest has been discovered! The original recipe submitted was:

30. Day at the Beach = aquamarine + seafoam + skyblue + coralsunrise

with coralsunrise being removed for the final version. That makes sense because Fancies rarely have an eye color trait (exceptions for Dracula, Mister Purrfect, and Fortune Cat).


How to Make DocPurr

DocPurr =

persian + spock + raisedbrow + violet + tongue

Facts of the Day:
1. DocPurrs do not have a special fancy bio because they are an old fancy that has been hidden for a long time. The clues were eventually revealed from fancy feature bios from the CryptoKitties blog.
2. The 250 limit for DocPurr was reached in less than 2 days!


“Most Fitting Name” Contest

burnt rudolph
Example: Burnt Rudolph


Our judges loved the submissions! So many kitties made us laugh out loud. We had three kitties tie for first place, so they will each receive a gold medal. In addition, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners may receive a free kitty from the Prize Kitties account.

1st Place: Over Chlorinated Water
1st Place: Pepto-Bismeow
1st Place: Childsafe Daemonhorns (make sure you have the KittyHats extension to get this joke)

2nd Place: Lucipurr
3rd Place: Lemon Meringue 🍋

Honorable Mentions:
Took a Dump & I’m Proud of It!
💜 Finals Week Feels 💜💙
Sewer Rat
Lil’ Spacecow


Do you have a Kitty whose name suits it perfectly? Does it make you laugh out loud because it’s just too true?

Well, here’s your chance to win an exclusive gold medal for your Kitty with a perfect name!

  • Submit the Kitty ID number of your best-named cat.
  • Only one submission per player (not per account).
  • No curse words or offensive terms.
  • Email addresses must be valid (I will only use your email to contact you with instructions for applying the medal in the case you win.).
  • Prize: an exclusive Kitty411 gold medal provided by KittyHats (see details below)
  • Deadline: Thursday, 9 a.m. Pacific Time (US)

Sneaky McSneakerson
Wolverine’s Brother, Billy
💜 Finals Week Feels 💜💙
Claude Decarpedt
Thornstrum Toothsalot

Kisses from Derpy
Lil’ Spacecow
Naud Fur-Saul
Jack Nicholson
Sir Lickalot
Lemon Meringue 🍋
Logan Paul and Jake Paul
💘 Eugh 💘
Took a Dump & I’m Proud of It!
Im Old Kitty!!
Patient Zero
Doctor Evil
Childsafe Daemonhorns
Over Chlorinated Water
Sewer Rat

Grand prize: Kitty411 Gold Medal

These medals are exclusively given to Kitty411 contest winners. They cannot be purchased and are extremely rare. The gold medals are real blockchain tokens, and anyone with the KittyHats extension will be able to view the medal on your kitty.

gold medal on cookie