K4C Update / Bella’s Beauty Contest Results

The kitties that were donated to Kitties for a Cause (K4C) are now on sale HERE! They have exclusive balloons and were all given special names by Bella herself.

Earlier this week, we had a contest, Bella’s Beauty Contest, to promote K4C. Contestants sent in kitties, and Bella chose winners: 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. She also selected four Honorable Mention kitties. Neither Bella nor Brian had any idea who donated any of the forty-two donated kitties. Here is the note from Brian with the results!

“Hi Jody,

Bella has completed the judging of Bella’s Beauty Contest. This was very exciting for her! This is the first time I have seen her skip her snack when getting home from school and head right upstairs to the office. I had to laugh when she looked at #589699 and said it looks like me when I get home from work.

Once she narrowed it down to the final three, it became very difficult for her to choose! But in the end she selected Strawberry Shortcake as the winner! She said she loved her eyes and also the fact that she loves to eat strawberry shortcake. Congrats to the winner and Bella is super excited to keep this beautiful kitty. We are going to make a separate account for Bella to keep her most prized kitties in.

We would like to offer a big thank you to everyone who contributed. Bella, as big-hearted as she is, was concerned for the people who submitted kitties she did not pick. She asked if they would be mad. I told her they may be disappointed, but not mad. They know the kitty will go towards a good cause and be adopted by another loving owner.

Here are the final results!”

1st Place: Strawberry Shortcake

bellas 1st

2nd Place: Sassy Selkirk

bellas 2nd

3rd Place: Sparklez’s Friend

bellas 3rd

Honorable Mentions:

bellas honorable mentions

The winning kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, will receive a gold medal and will be sent to Bella as a momento of her having the wonderful idea of using kitties to help others.

We were also going to send a gold medal to the owner of the winning kitty as their contest reward, but unfortunately, Strawberry Shortcake was donated after our official contest submissions were closed, thus making her owner (the one and only AlanFalcon) ineligible to receive the medal. (It would have been Alan’s second gold medal!) Alan had known that he missed the deadline and would be ineligible for the medal, but had sent in the kitty anyway as a kind-hearted, generous person. Thank you, Alan!

Since the gold medal can’t go to the first-place winner, it naturally passed to the second-place winner. And this is where things took a very unexpected turn.

The second-place winner, Sassy Selkirk, was donated by myself, Jody. I donated two kitties to the contest, but I honestly didn’t think either of them were going to win. I was surprised by the results and was quite confuddled as to what to do. I never anticipated being able to win a Kitty411 gold medal because I usually have to disqualify myself from every contest I run (even though I want a medal as much as anyone). But since this was a contest in which I had no part in judging, and since I submitted the kitties anonymously and according to the rules, I’ve suddenly found myself in a position where I legitimately won a gold medal! So I’m going to go ahead and give Cookie (my Kitty411 mascot) the gold medal from this contest. 🙂

Thank you, everyone, for participating in Kitties for a Cause! And make sure you buy a kitty from the K4C account to get your balloon momento!

gold medal on cookie
For reals this time!

3 thoughts on “K4C Update / Bella’s Beauty Contest Results

  1. Well deserved, Jody and Cookie! I’m so glad you finally had a chance to win the medal for yourself and it actually happened)

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