An Announcement

Thank you to those who participated in the Kitty411 Create-Your-Own-Fancy-Recipe Contest! I LOVED the submissions! It was impossible to judge them because they were all so wonderful, so I randomly choose a winner from the entries.

The winner was Maine Coon Love for her submission for a raccoon kitty! The gold medal will go her kitty that most closely resembles a raccoon.

Here’s another bit of news for you: The CryptoKitties team also loved your creative submissions! In other words, there will be a contest-inspired fancy cat coming soon! (I’ll let you know if they give me more details about it.)

Please note that the contest-inspired fancy cat is UNRELATED to our winner. I chose our Kitty411 winner independently of them, and they chose their fancy cat independently of me. They did not know that the raccoon would be our winner, and I have no idea which fancy kitty they may be making. All I know is that their fancy kitty will probably look a lot like one of our entries to the contest.



3 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. This contest was rad! So cool that the Cryptokitties team is watching this site for inspiration. Shows that they’re in touch and have their finger on the pulse of their users. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Thank you, Jody! The medal looks so great on my Coonie ❤
    I loved the idea of this contest and also all the other Fancy Kitties (there was also another Raccoon Kitty I didn't realized) at first. Also I'm veeery curious about the contest-inspired Fancy 🙂

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