Bella’s Beauty Contest

Update: Results posted here!

To support the Kitties For a Cause campaign, we are having a special contest this week called Bella’s Beauty Contest. Here’s how to play:

bkd bella

  1. Send as many kitties as you want to 0x4e8a60043555e30b06d658b23f5ab552050bd3d6 any time between now and the end of April 5 (Eastern time, USA).
  2. Use the form below to tell me which cats you sent in (so I can contact you to send you the prize if you win).
  3. Bella will choose her favorite kitty from the contestants. Some of her favorite traits include (but are not limited to): Fabulous/Sass, Cloudwhite/Verdigris/Dragonfruit, Selkirk/Sphynx, Dippedcone/Thunderstruck
  4. If Bella chooses a kitty you sent in, you will win an exclusive Kitty411 gold medal and may put it on any kitty you own.
  5. The kitty that Bella chooses as her favorite will also receive a gold medal and will be given as a gift to Bella for having such a great and charitable idea of using CryptoKitties to raise money for sick kids.
  6. The remaining kitties will be donated to the K4C (Kitties for a Cause) account and auctioned off to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.
  7. Good luck! May the prettiest kitty win!

(Contest submissions are now closed.)

Grand prize: Kitty411 Gold Medal

These medals are exclusively given to Kitty411 contest winners. They cannot be purchased and are extremely rare. The gold medals are real blockchain tokens, and everyone with the KittyHats extension can view the medal on your kitty.

gold medal on cookie

How to Send a Kitty to Someone

  1. Get the CK wallet address of the person you want to send the kitty to. You can ask them for it or find it in the URL of their profile address url with red box
  2. Go to the kitty’s page and click Gift.gifting Jokecat with red arrow
  3. Put in the wallet address and send.

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