Kitties For a Cause (#K4C)

The “Kitties For a Cause” campaign is a CryptoKitties charity campaign started by Brian and his 10-year-old daughter, Bella, together known as Bella’s Kitty Den (BKD). The campaign is raising money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital by auctioning off donated CryptoKitties.

Brian originally got involved with CryptoKitties as a business learning exercise for his daughter, Bella, who is currently in the fourth grade. They named themselves Bella’s Kitty Den (BKD) and started adopting and breeding kitties. Before long, Brian himself fell in love with the game and started playing regularly. The kitty den grew to over 900 cats. At that point, Bella knew it was time for another learning exercise, this time for her father.

bkd bella.PNG“One day while playing, I said we should give away some of our kitties since we have so many of them. Dad asked who we should give them too. I told him kids in the hospital who are hurting.  So with help from my Dad and others from the CryptoKitties community, we have created the Kitties for a Cause (K4C) fund.” – Bella

To raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, the K4C campaign is asking for kitty and ETH donations until April 6. All the kitties will get special names from Bella herself, and receive exclusive KittyHats balloons. They will then be put up for auction until April 30. The proceeds from the sale of the kitties will be converted into US dollars and donated to the hospital.

3/29 – 4/6: Donate kitties and ETH to: 0x4eb395c9c5829a6e87fc5facfc00ccd8ab4a91ad

4/6 – 4/30: Purchase kitties (named by Bella + exclusive balloons) here: K4C Kitty Shop

You may also donate USD directly to the Seattle Children’s Hospital HERE.

The CryptoKitties team has donated a special low-id Gen 0 Kitty (#522) to the cause, and many generous players in the community are already donating fancy cats and other valuable kitties. Join us today!

To help promote the K4C campaign, I will be holding a Kitty411 contest starting on Monday, April 2. Stop by to help a good cause and get a chance to win a prized Kitty411 gold medal!

Happy donating!

Bella’s Kitty Den contact info:
Discord: @BKD#8152

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