Kitty Treasure Hunt #2

Update: I have randomly selected a winner from all the correct guesses and contacted them about their prize. Thanks to everyone else who participated! I hope you had fun!

We’re having another kitty treasure hunt! This one will be different than the last treasure hunt. Here’s how it works:

cookie treasure

  1. I will choose a Secret Kitty EACH DAY and give out a clue to its identity.
  2. Players may submit one (1) guess each day as to who the Secret Kitty is. I will pick a new Secret Kitty every day.
  3. Whenever you guess the Secret Kitty correctly, you will receive an entry into the prize raffle. (If you guess 4 kitties correctly, you will get 4 entries.)
  4. At the end of the treasure hunt, I will randomly select a winner. The winner will receive a free kitty! (Depending on how many people participate, I may award multiple winners.)

(If the Secret Kitty is sold during its day in the spotlight, I will note it here. Only the guesses submitted before its sale will count.)


All the Secret Kitties live HERE.

Kitty #1: “Oh, woe is me! If I had been born earlier, I would have had original artwork on TWO of my traits! Alas, ’twas not to be. Oh well. At least I have this sparkly Mewtation Jewel (I wish it were a diamond, though.)” Identity: #488031

Kitty #2: “You may think I’m just a simple kitty, but I’m actually a mutant TWICE OVER! Both my parents were mutants, too, and they’re thinking of sending me to Xavier’s School this fall. Can you imagine going to school with all those stars? I hope I don’t get too awe-struck!” Identity: #592361

Kitty #3: “Gen 0 cats are all the hype, but they’ll NEVER be a Gen 0 that’s anything like me again. Why? Because all of my traits have been retired. Take that, Gen 0’s!” Identity: #73178

Kitty #4: “I have Jody’s two all-time favorite traits AND a nice fluffy tail to boot!” Identity: #578005


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