How the First 8 Diamond Kitty was Bred

Slabmason was the first person to breed a kitty with diamonds next to all eight of its cattributes. Alanfalcon (aka Kittyhawk) interviewed him to see how he did it. Enjoy!

Alan: “Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us today, Slabmason710! You made the very first kitty with 8 diamond family jewels – that’s incredible. What made you decide to try for it?”

Slab: “Originally I had wanted to get a 64 Diamond Bloodline going so people could craft their own 8 diamond cat, but since i had finished all the groundwork and finally assembled the bloodline, I figured why not shoot for the stars and also go for the first 8 diamond cat. There was also another account under the name “Secreto” that I had found out was doing pretty much the same thing as me, so once I figured out I had competition I kicked it into high gear.”

Alan: “I’ll tell you a secret, I was going for the same thing as you as well, though not nearly as hard as you were chasing it! How did you decide on 64 Diamonds? That feels like a very specific number to anyone with a programming background.”

Slab: “Well that was a little bit more simple. I set a budget that I wouldn’t pay more than 0.1 for a diamond since I was going to have to acquire many of them it was my way of making sure I didn’t run out of ETH before finishing the project. So pretty much 64 was all I could find, haha.”

Slab owns diamond kitties in all the black traits. Orange traits are founder traits so no diamonds exist for them.

Alan: “Can you explain what a Diamond Bloodline is, exactly?”

Slab: “Diamonds are the original first cats with each trait (excluding founder traits). So a bloodline of diamonds is in my eyes the most efficient way to pass diamonds on to their descendants. So I pretty much sired off of or bought a direct descendant of all the diamonds I could and sorted them out to try and squeeze all the descendants of diamonds that I had into one bloodline, and I managed to do that by Gen 24. So a diamond bloodline is pretty much just one family where you can trace each individual diamond in it’s ancestry.”

Alan: “That’s only part of the process of getting an 8 diamond kitty though, right? How hard was it to actually breed a kitty that expressed 8 diamonds at the same time?”

Slab: “Right. It wasn’t easy finding a quick cooldown 8/8 trait cat to mate it with and it wasn’t exactly cheap to keep buying a cat to breed it with at each next generation but I feel like I got pretty lucky. And was able to do it within 8 breeds after completing the bloodline.”

Alan: “I love that you set such a loft goal for yourself and were able to push to achieve it so quickly. What comes next? What are your plans for this kitty?”

Slab: “I’m not quite sure what is next. Make renditions add more diamonds into the bloodline over time try to keep it updated with as many diamonds as possible. I really would like to sell it as a virgin. But depending on the offers I get I might sire it out it’s all really up in the air, haha, you could say I’m winging it. Planning to make a few more but the best I think I can do while keeping it a virgin is kinda push one through weekly since the bloodline is such a late gen it’s catatonic and can only breed once per week.”

Alan: “I love catatonic kitties, but that’s a subject for another article. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?”

Slab: “Save yourself the work and ETH and just sire off my family line, haha. It honestly was pretty rough opening up thousands if not multiple tens of thousands of tabs finding descendants. There really aren’t any utilizable tools to make it easier at the moment, at least that I am aware of.”

Alan: “You deserve to be well compensated for all this work, and I agree that anyone else thinking of trying what you tried should at least consider skipping the hard and expensive part that you already did! But there’s also a sense of personal accomplishment for those who want to do it for themselves. What attracted you to CryptoKitties, and why do you play today?”

Slab: “I really liked the concept of investing in cats and being able to sell the children without ever actually losing your initial investment. I thought it was a really interesting idea and honestly–haha–I played neopets back in the day so it had a touch of nostalgia along with it.”

Alan: “Neopets was great back in the day! Anything Axiom can do to bring more of the Neopets fun to CryptoKitties is super welcome in my book! Where can people reach you if they want to reminisce about Neopets or have any questions about what you accomplished or want to be a part of your 64 Diamond Bloodline?”

Slab: “People can email me at or contact me here on Discord or even on Reddit if they would like. I’ve posted a few things in the CryptoKitties subreddit so you should be able to search for my name and send me a message that way.”

Alan: “Wonderful! Thank you for your time, and congratulations on the accomplishment! I’m very jealous of your beautiful 8 diamond kitty!”




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