Miss Kitty WINNERS!

The winner of the beauty pageant is…Miss Kitty England!

Congratulations to Cleocatra, Kitty #505689!

Miss England

We had a panel of judges score each kitty. We also used a community poll to add bonus points to each kitty’s score. The kitties’ aesthetics (prettiness) were 80% of their scores, and the answers to the pageant questions were 20% of their scores.

If Miss Kitty Universe cannot fulfill her duties (i.e. doesn’t want to wear the gold medal), her runner-ups will be asked to take on that responsibility.

First runner-up:

Miss Kitty Russia! (Kitty #512990)

Miss Russia

Second runner-up (tie):

Miss USA (Kitty #468904) & Miss Canada (Kitty #524908)

Miss Kitty Runner-Ups

Fan Favorite:

Miss China (黑福猫 China-Ink Fu, Kitty #486311)

Miss China

Congratulations to ALL the kitties who participated in the International Beauty Pageant! We loved looking at beautiful kitties from around the world and hearing their answers to pageant questions. Thank you so much for playing!

One thought on “Miss Kitty WINNERS!

  1. Congrats to all the beautiful and witty kitties who became finalists in this contest! And special congratulations to Miss England—does she come in Twilightsparkle? Because I want a clone in Twilightsparkle.

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