DogCat – A Special “Year of the Dog” Fancy

UPDATE: The formula for DogCat has been determined. It’s tigerpunk + sweetmeloncakes + barkbrown + periwinkle + yokel.

by guest author: Quietest

dogcatYesterday, the CryptoKitties team teased us with DogCat (formally known as 汪星爷), a rare mixed-species kitty being released for the Year of the Dog. Only 88 DogCats will be released: 16 for special community giveaways (8 by cryptocurrency influencers in China, 8 by the CryptoKitties team for the rest of the world), and 72 for us to breed.

We’re still waiting to hear how the community kitties will be given out, but they said this about the breedable ones:

“With DogCat, we are trying a new way of releasing Fancy Cats where we mint a small number of them and let the community infer the recipe rather than sending out hints for traits. This experiment was motivated by community feedback, so let us know what you think!”

It didn’t take long for CryptoKitties fans to find the first eight DogCats minted and infer something big about the recipe: all of the DogCats released so far share the same eight traits:

  • Body: Birman
  • Pattern: Tigerpunk
  • Eye Type: Sweetmeloncakes
  • Body Color: Bananacream
  • Pattern Color: Barkbrown
  • Secondary Color: Periwinkle
  • Mouth: Yokel
  • Wild: Wild_d, previous known as the SantaClaws gene.

If DogCat had eight traits, it would be the first of its kind in CryptoKitties — and it would be astronomically difficult to breed. So far, most breeders are assuming that only some of those eight traits are required. Sweetmeloncakes and Periwinkle seem especially likely, since they are mutations of traits that were also released yesterday.

Sweetmeloncakes requires Wiley + Stunned

Periwinkle requires Missmuffett + Azaleablush

Until we see more DogCats, either from the remaining eight community kitties or the first freshly bred kitties, we can’t say for sure which traits will be needed — but they’re almost definitely from that list of eight shared traits. With only 72 to be bred, the race is already starting.


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