Weekly 411 – Edition 3

New Traits
2/23: dippedcone (pattern, mutation of leopard and camo)
2/23: leopard (pattern)
2/20: harbourfog (base color)
2/12: baddate (eye shape)
2/12: yokel (mouth, mutation of cheeky and starstruck)
2/12: starstruck (mouth, mutation of wuvme and gerbil)
2/12: wuvme (mouth)
2/9: bobtail (fur)
2/9: eqyptiankohl (highlight color)
2/6: tiger (pattern)
2/2: coralsunrise (eye color)
2/2: birman (fur)

New Fancies
2/20: YuriCatsuki (Ice Skating Fancy)
2/15: MisterPurrfect (Valentine’s Day Fancy)
2/13: Earnie (Golden Kitty Fancy)
2/6: Cathena: Kitty #500000 (Exclusive)

News and Gossip

  • All Fancy Cats are now limited-edition. Read about it HERE.
  • There were two “Failgatos” bred last night. They both had onyx, wolfgrey, henna, and slyboots but didn’t turn into the Negato fancy like they should have. This was an error during the limited-edition fancy update, which makes these two kitties “misprints” and potentially more valuable to collectors.
  • Someone sent me an ugly kitty as a prank and it made me laugh, so I sent him out again in the hopes that he’ll bring hilarity to others as well. I named him JokeCat and made a page about him so that others can learn about his origin. You can read about him HERE.
  • I wrote a post about discontinued traits…and then one of the discontinued traits (totesbasic_g) popped up in Gen 0’s again. *headshake* BUT none of the other discontinued traits will be coming back. This was confirmed by the CryptoKitties Community Manager: “Totesbasic re-appearing caused some worries, but I can promise you no traits other than totesbasic will come back.”
  • MisterPurrfect was announced as a limited-time fancy, but no one knows what the limit is.
  • We have two contests going on right now on Kitty411. There’s the International “Miss Kitty” Beauty Pageant (grand prize: gold medal) and the Kitty Treasure Hunt (five free kitties as prizes).
  • The CK website was lagging pretty badly this week, so many people learned how to breed kitties through the smart contract (MEW). I did it myself for the first time and it wasn’t too scary. You can find a step-by-step guide and a video walk-through HERE. You can also find an in-depth article about the blockchain backend HERE. (Special thanks to LucyintheSky and AlanFalcon!)

New Posts

Popular This Week

Third Party Resources

  • Mutation Sheets by KittyCalc – see which traits mutate into other traits

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featured kitty golden luck cat

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