Discontinued Traits

discontinued traits kitty 1
sizzurp, luckystripe, chocolate, and kittencream have all been retired

Update 2: The other traits listed ARE truly retired. According to the CryptoKitties Community Manager, “Totesbasic re-appearing caused some worries, but I can promise you no traits other than totesbasic will come back.”

Update: Totesbasic_g is NOT retired.

Many players are unaware that cattributes are slowly being discontinued. These traits are no longer being released in Gen 0 cats, so the only way to get them is through cats that are already in existence. As time goes by, they will become more and more rare in low generation cats because they’ll be harder to produce (as the originator cats are likely Catatonic by now).

Not only will the discontinued traits become more rare, many of them will also be needed to create mutations with upcoming traits. For example, the eye color sizzurp is discontinued, but once the eye color with kai gene “5” is released, there will be a series of mutations that can happen only when combined with sizzurp. (To understand how mutations work, visit my post on Mutations and my post on All Possible Mutations.)

This might make sizzurp more valuable in low generations only.

In addition to being needed for mutations, discontinued traits will also likely be used in making fancies down the road. I personally think that as soon as new traits stop being released in Nov. 2018, the focus of the game will shift dramatically to fancies, fancies, fancies. If that happens, all these old traits will come into play in a much bigger way.

Here are the discontinued traits so far (to the best of my knowledge):

discontinued traits kitty 2
This kitty has 6 retired traits.
  • Himalayan (fur)
  • Ragamuffin (fur)
  • Cymric (fur)
  • Luckystripe (pattern)
  • Totesbasic_f (pattern)
  • Gold (eye color)
  • Sizzurp (eye color)
  • Googly (eye shape)
  • Crazy (eye shape)
  • Salmon (base color)
  • Aquamarine (base color)
  • Orangesoda (base color)
  • Chocolate (highlight color)
  • Violet (highlight color)
  • Kittencream (accent color)
  • Granitegrey (accent color)
  • Peach (accent color)
  • Saycheese (mouth)
  • Wild_4 and Wild_8 (wild genes)




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