Weekly 411 – Week 2 (2/1/18)

New Traits
1/30: twilightsparkle (eye color, mutation of forgetmenot and sapphire)
1/30: forgetmenot (eye color)
1/30: norwegianforest (body type)
1/30: savannah (body type)

New Fancies
1/31: Momo-chan (Ninja Fancy)
1/29: Negato the Ninja (Ninja Fancy)


  • Word on the street is that there will be fancies released for each new region CryptoKitties is launching into this month. Ninjas for Japan, something for China / HK (maybe a Fortune Cat?), and something for South Korea (I hope it’s a K-Pop Kitty!).
  • Speaking of fancies, we know there’s a Golden Kitty fancy waiting to be discovered (probably needs gold eyes).
  • It’s also likely that there will be a Valentine’s Day fancy released before Feb. 14.
  • “Family jewels” (enhanced cattributes) are supposed to arrive this week. Hmm…where are they? Speculation is that they may have something do to with “first-of-their-kind” cats. The developers suggested that they might apply to you if you were “one of the first to discover a new cattribute these past few weeks”.
  • Now that the China launch is just around the corner, players are starting to pay attention to the Chinese numerology of Kitty #s. In particular, players are looking for kitties with several 8’s in a row. In Chinese, the word for 8 (ba) sounds very similar to the word for wealth (fa), so several 8’s together (8888) suggests that you may be very lucky and prosperous. To learn more about Chinese numerology, look HERE.
  • Something is going to happen when we hit 500,000 kitties. According to this tweet, Kitty #500000 may look something like this:kitty 500k


  • The first Kitty Battle is happening now! The winner of the Kitty Battle contest will receive an exclusive Kitty411 Gold Medal, a free kitty, and a limited-edition kitty football helmet. For details (and to enter your kitty), visit the CONTEST page.

New Posts

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