How to Make Negato the Ninja Fancy

Negato = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots

(In other words, if you breed a cat that has all four of those traits, it will turn into Negato the Ninja Fancy.)

fancy negato.PNG

But here’s the really interesting part: There’s another undiscovered Fancy Cat! (Probably another ninja.) Here’s the tweet from CK right after Negato was discovered:

fancy ninja tweet

And then a CK guy popped into Discord and told us that the twitter hints (onyx, henna, and wolfgrey) still apply to the undiscovered fancy.

In other words, keep breeding!

UPDATE: The second ninja was discovered! See How to Make Momo-Chan.


To see the recipes for other fancies, check out How to Make Fancy Cats.

ck banner 3

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