Weekly 411 – 1/26/18

What’s been going on this week in CryptoKitties? Glad you asked!

New Traits
1/26: ganado (pattern)
1/26: trioculus (wild add-on)
1/25: purplehaze (secondary color)
1/20: cheeky (mouth)
1/20: wasntme (mouth)
1/20: turtleback (pattern color)
1/20: apricot (pattern color)
1/20: morningglory (secondary color)

New Posts


  • CryptoKitties developers keeping dropping hints on Twitter about undiscovered fancies. Players are speculating that there might be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fancy waiting to be discovered (see this tweet). Some players are convinced that “turtleback” would be a needed trait for a ninja (turtle?) kitty.
  • There’s also speculation that there’s an undiscovered fancy that uses “onyx” (see this tweet). (Either the same or different fancy as the turtleback one.)
  • Aaaaand also “henna“. (See tweet here.)


  • The artwork for “onyx”, “pouty”, and “ganado” was changed. Onyx now has white whiskers instead of black, pouty now has less of a smile, and ganado’s side and chest diamonds no longer match the side and chest color, respectively. See the Original Artwork post for pictures and details.
  • The developers said that their Twitter polls give out hints about undiscovered Fancy Cats.
  • Mark Flavelle (co-founder) had an AMA on Token Daily.
  • CryptoKitties was nominated for a Golden Kitty Award from Product Hunt. The developers suggested that they will release a “golden kitty” fancy if they win the award. Go here to vote.
  • Family Jewels, or “enhanced cattributes”, are coming next week. I wonder what that means!

3rd Party Content

  • KittyCalc.co (breeding calculator with trait ratings) launched this week.
  • KittyFamily – See your kitty’s ancestry with this kitty family tree tool.

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