A DOUBLE Fancy?!

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UPDATE: Bad news, guys, there’s no double fancy. *weep* Check out this cat: https://cryptokittydex.com/kitties/395204. It has all the traits required for Mistletoe (crazy, oldlace, gerbil) and Dracula (laperm, spock, strawberry, wild_1) and it just became…a Dracula. How boring. (props to @deithy for finding this cat)

When Stitches the fancy zombie cat appeared and we hashed out his recipe, we discovered something interesting. Check this out:

fancy chart stitches dracula

Look! It’s possible to have a cat with ALL the traits necessary for BOTH Stitches and Dracula. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Which fancy would you get?

To know for sure, someone’s going to have to do it. (Chop, chop, breeders, let’s go.)

But in the meantime, let’s speculate. I think that if a cat were bred with all the traits for Dracula AND all the traits for Stitches, it would unlock a TIER-2 FANCY. It would be neither Dracula nor Stitches, but an entirely new fancy altogether. It would be incredibly rare because it would require 8 specific traits(!). And maybe it would be somehow related to the two fancy cats that went into it (Zombie + Vampire = Frankenstein Cat?).

Anyway, someone should definitely do it. The ultimate undead cat awaits.

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous

To learn more about fancy cats, visit my post on How to Make Fancy Cats.



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