The Future is Meow.

One thing that’s cool about CryptoKitties is that they’re a real blockchain asset, 100% owned by you. Once you buy a kitty, it cannot be taken from you or destroyed. Your kitty belongs to YOU.

That means you can do whatever you want with your kitties, whether it be within the CryptoKitty interface or in another environment altogether. As third parties develop new ways to play with the kitties, the possibilities explode.


KittyHats just launched and it’s fantastic. KittyHats is a store in which you can buy accessories (like hats and glasses) for your cats. The accessories are blockchain tokens, just like the cats, and their chrome extension allows anyone to view the accessories in the real CryptoKitty Marketplace. The accessories stick to the kitties and are transferred smoothly from owner to owner.

I love stuff like this. It creates new options for people to play CryptoKitties. Maybe you’re not into learning genetics and breeding cats. No problem! You can dress up your kitty instead in a limited-edition, eye-catching ensemble.

As more third-parties develop things, we’ll get even more options. For example, maybe that kitty you picked up for $0.55 is secretly good at battling other kitties. Everyone thought Boris was worthless, but as soon as that battling app was released, Boris has been racking up wins and skyrocketing in value!

CryptoKitties are so much more than pictures of cat. They’re unique tokens with endless possibilities. What’s in store for your kitty? You won’t have to wait long to find out. The future is meow.

kittyhats cookie

To download the KittyHats extension (Chrome-store-approved), click here. Then look next to your kitties for a store icon. Click on it to start accessorizing! ​

ck kittyhats store icon

Want to see a few dressed-up kitties in the actual CK marketplace? Check these guys out. (Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the accessories to pop up.)
Sir Gooble M. Pippers
Mr. Wonderful

If you have any questions for the KittyHats team, you can contact @jeehoz#5202 or @dan#6054 on Discord, or u/KittyHats-Official on Reddit. If you’re not on Discord or Reddit, you can use [email protected]

This was a sponsored post, but my thoughts are genuine.


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