How to Make Fancy Cats

Some CryptoKitties are classified as Fancy cats. Their artwork differs from the standard set of cattributes. After a fancy cat is unlocked/discovered, you can breed your own by combining certain cattributes. (Exclusive cats like Genesis cannot be reproduced through breeding.)

Fancy Cat Recipes

DuCat = cymric + tongue
ShipCat = sphynx + luckystripe + crazy + orangesoda
Dracula = laperm + spock + strawberry + wild_1
Mistletoe = crazy + oldlace + gerbil
SantaClaws = cloudwhite + scarlet + beard + wild_d
PhuZiqaat = chartreux + spock + alien + pouty
Stitches = hintomint + swampgreen + seafoam + saycheese
Negato = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots
Momo-chan = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + sass + bloodred
Earnie = orangesoda + birman + grim + hotrod
MisterPurrfect (limited-time) = strawberry + chocolate + wuvme + baddate
YuriCatsuki = elk + tiger + cymric + neckbeard

For information on how to tell if your parent kitties carry the necessary wild gene, see my post on How to Read Your Kitty’s Genome.

fancy chart

There are also add-on cattributes like Elk and Trioculus.

add-on chart

Happy Breeding!
– Jodiferous

What happens if you breed a cat with all the required traits for TWO fancies? See my post: A DOUBLE Fancy?!

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