Types of Players

There are countless ways to enjoy CryptoKitties. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

What kind of a player are you?

The Cat Lover
You buy a few cats. You give them cute and hilarious names. You show them to your friends and family. Your mom says, “You spent your birthday money on that?” But you don’t care what anyone says. You love your cats and you’ll keep them forever.

​The Collector
You love calicools and can’t help hoarding them. Or maybe you’re a Fancy Cat Enthusiast and want one of each kind. Or maybe you want to own every cattribute so as soon as a new cat is discovered, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to create one. Any way you slice it, you’re a cat collector.

The Breeder
You specialize in breeding a certain type of kitty. Like, for example, maybe you’re really good at making Green Bay Packers Cats. (shout-out to Interplanetary Seamen)

ck packers cats

The Geneticist
If you love gene-reading and selective breeding, you might enjoy creating a cat with very precise cattributes or a cat that is purebred in multiple categories.

The Trait-Chaser
It’s a high-speed thrill ride, but if you like chasing the newest hot traits, this race for big profits might be for you.

The Sire-for-Hire
Get a great low generation cat, put him up for sire, make a few bucks, then sell him. Sounds kinda immoral, but…

Cat Flipper
Find cats on a good deal and immediately sell them at a higher price.

The Shot-in-the-Dark Gambler
Buy a few random cats, breed them like crazy, hope you get lucky and create a ridiculously valuable cat out of thin air. It could happen.

Creative Cat
Create new ways of enjoying the kitties. Make and sell customized artwork, create a fan club, use cats as giveaways to promote your business, or write code to interact with the kitties in a new way.

There are lots of ways to enjoy (and profit) from these cats. Hopefully you’ll find something that works for you!

– Jodiferous


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