How much does it cost to play CryptoKitties?

Here are all the costs you might encounter while playing CryptoKitties.


Buying a cat.  (Price varies.)
Hiring a sire for your cat.  (Price varies.)
Breeding.  (0.008 ETH)*
Sales fee. When you successfully sell or sire a cat, 3.75% of the sale goes to developers.
Transaction fees (gas)*. Every time you perform an action, you have to pay the ethereum miners to complete the task. The gas fee is shown before you submit a transaction. It is roughly between $0.30 – $3.00 (depending on ethereum network traffic).

* The breeding fee was initially 0.001 ETH. It had to be raised due to the mechanics of how kittens are “born” (the breeding fee has to be higher than gas fees). The breeding fee may drop back down once the ethereum network can handle a large volume of transactions.
* Gas fees high right now due to the volume of transactions on the blockchain. These should go down dramatically once ethereum scales.

Happy Kittying!
– Jodiferous

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One thought on “How much does it cost to play CryptoKitties?

  1. […] UNDERSTAND THE COSTS There is a breeding fee of 0.008 ETH. You pay it every time you breed. Every time you list a cat for sale (or take down a listing), you pay a transaction fee. Any action in this game costs a few cents or a few dollars. Make good choices. ​(For a full list of costs and fees, see my post here.) […]

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