Gas Limit and Gas Price

metamaskWhat is gas limit and gas price?

Every action in CryptoKitties goes to the ethereum network where miners execute the transaction. The price you pay for their services is the “Tx fee” (transaction fee). It is made up of two parts: Gas Price and Gas Limit.

  • Gas Price (GWEI) is what you offer to pay the miners for each operation they do to execute the smart contract.
  • Gas Limit is how many operations you allow them to do before they “run out of gas” and drop the transaction.

  • Gas Price (GWEI) is a very small amount of ether. You convert it by moving the decimal 9 places to the left: 25 GWEI = 0.000000025 ETH.
  • Gas Limit is how much gas you will allow the miners to use. For CryptoKitties, a good amount is 250,000.
  • Gas Limit * Gas Price = Maximum Tx Fee
    Ex.  250,000 * 25 GWEI = (250000*0.000000025) = 0.00625 ETH

What gas price should I use?

To determine what gas price to use, visit Use “Gas Price Std” if you want a transaction to be done within a few minutes. Use “Gas Price SafeLow” if you don’t mind it taking an hour or more. You can also use the slider to approximate time.

ck ethgasstation

If I want to buy a kitty and I’m afraid someone else might snatch it up, I pay a slightly higher gas price to get the transaction completed quickly. If I’m just breeding a few of my cats, I can set the gas price a little lower to save some money.

Your actual transaction fee will be lower than what you set as your max. (But if you set your limits too low, your transaction will fail and you’ll still have to pay the fee for the operations completed.)

ck tx fee

Happy CryptoKittying!

Note: CryptoKitties is a separate entity from the ethereum blockchain. They do not receive any of the transaction fees.


3 thoughts on “Gas Limit and Gas Price

  1. […] Blockchain provides enhanced security of the network. So, whenever someone creates/breeds/buys (basically performs any kind of transaction upon the block-chain), the Ethereum network needs to perform a series of tasks to confirm that the transaction is valid. This action requires computational power and the miners charge a ‘gas fee’ from the one who initiates the request. The higher the gas price, the faster your transaction will be. If e.g. you are bidding for a cat you like, you should opt for a higher gas price. Other not so trivial tasks can be performed on low gas prices.Keep in mind though, with a very low gas fee, and the miner maxes out, your request might be canceled but you will still have to pay so choose a limit which should at least put your request through. You can review detailed gas price chart. […]

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