Investment Advice

#1:  Do not put in more money than you are willing to lose. CryptoKitties is a new-concept game in the cryptocurrency sphere, so it’s guaranteed to be a highly volatile market. On the one hand, you could make a lot of nice profits, but you could also lose everything (except your adorable kitties which cannot be taken from you). Understand the risk before you begin. CryptoKitties is first and foremost a game, not an investment portfolio.

#2:  If you want to play the fast game, play the fast game. If you want to play the long game, play the long game. New traits that pop up are only rare and valuable for a few days. If you put money into these new rare traits, be prepared to breed and sell quickly. Their prices will plummet fast. If, however, you’d rather take the game slowly, think about cats that hold their value better over the long run. These may be your low generation cats, or cats with traits that remain popular due to their “cuteness” rather than rarity. (See my post on rarity.)

#3:  Give your kitties fun names. That way, if you can’t sell them, at least you’ll have some nice cats with nice names. 🙂

Happy Kittying!
– Jodiferous

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