Weekly Contests

We will be having weekly contests here at Kitty411! They’ll be a variety of contests to appeal to many kinds of players, so I hope you’ll join us whenever you can.

I’ve been wanting to have more contests for a while, but I wasn’t sure what to do for prizes. I wanted to have prizes that were both fun and valuable, and I wanted to publicly celebrate the winning kitty. But how would I do that? I was at a loss.

Then, a few days ago, I had an idea.

KittyHats is known for making fun kitty accessories, but those cute fedoras are actually real blockchain tokens that add value to your kitties.

Of course! That was the answer! I contacted the KittyHats team to see if they would create exclusive gold medals for Kitty411 contest winners, and I was overjoyed when they agreed.

So, each week, we will be giving away an exclusive Kitty411 Gold Medal to the contest winner. These gold medals are real blockchain tokens that will forever affirm that your kitty is an award-winning kitty. These are exclusive tokens–only 52 of these gold medals will ever exist and they cannot be purchased. The only way to get one is by winning one of our contests.

gold medal on cookie
artist rendition only – real medals must be earned

Without further ado, I’d like to announce our contest for this week. We are having a…

Kitty Battle!

That’s right, folks! We’re finally going to start battling these kitties!

Kitties, put on your helmets! Put on your Zorro costumes! This battle will test the mettle of even the bravest of cats!

To see the rules and enter your kitty, please visit our Contest page. In addition to a gold medal, this week’s winner will also receive a free kitty and a limited-edition KittyHats football helmet.

Kitties must be entered by Thursday, and the Battle will take place on Friday, Feb 2, at 10:00 p.m. EST. Can’t wait to see you there!


Also, KittyHats just updated their extension today! It’s got improved functionality and…NEW ACCESSORIES! They’re expanding their selection while simultaneously keeping quantities limited (you know, so your kitty won’t accidentally wear the same outfit to the dance as Sassy Cat).

The football helmets are especially limited. You can only get them for a few days (until the Super Bowl on Feb. 4).

kittyhats football

If you haven’t heard of KittyHats, they’re a chrome extension that allows you to buy accessories for your kitties. Anyone with the extension can view your kitty’s accessories right in the CK marketplace. The accessories are real ERC-20 Tokens stored on the blockchain, so they transfer seamlessly along with the kitty. Click here to get their chrome-store-approved extension.

kittyhats 3d glasses

kittyhats zorro

Happy accessorizing!
– Jodiferous



How to Make Negato the Ninja Fancy

Negato = onyx + henna + wolfgrey + slyboots

(In other words, if you breed a cat that has all four of those traits, it will turn into Negato the Ninja Fancy.)

fancy negato.PNG

But here’s the really interesting part: There’s another undiscovered Fancy Cat! (Probably another ninja.) Here’s the tweet from CK right after Negato was discovered:

fancy ninja tweet

And then a CK guy popped into Discord and told us that the twitter hints (onyx, henna, and wolfgrey) still apply to the undiscovered fancy.

In other words, keep breeding!

UPDATE: The second ninja was discovered! See How to Make Momo-Chan.


To see the recipes for other fancies, check out How to Make Fancy Cats.

ck banner 3

Weekly 411 – 1/26/18

What’s been going on this week in CryptoKitties? Glad you asked!

New Traits
1/26: ganado (pattern)
1/26: trioculus (wild add-on)
1/25: purplehaze (secondary color)
1/20: cheeky (mouth)
1/20: wasntme (mouth)
1/20: turtleback (pattern color)
1/20: apricot (pattern color)
1/20: morningglory (secondary color)

New Posts


  • CryptoKitties developers keeping dropping hints on Twitter about undiscovered fancies. Players are speculating that there might be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fancy waiting to be discovered (see this tweet). Some players are convinced that “turtleback” would be a needed trait for a ninja (turtle?) kitty.
  • There’s also speculation that there’s an undiscovered fancy that uses “onyx” (see this tweet). (Either the same or different fancy as the turtleback one.)
  • Aaaaand also “henna“. (See tweet here.)


  • The artwork for “onyx”, “pouty”, and “ganado” was changed. Onyx now has white whiskers instead of black, pouty now has less of a smile, and ganado’s side and chest diamonds no longer match the side and chest color, respectively. See the Original Artwork post for pictures and details.
  • The developers said that their Twitter polls give out hints about undiscovered Fancy Cats.
  • Mark Flavelle (co-founder) had an AMA on Token Daily.
  • CryptoKitties was nominated for a Golden Kitty Award from Product Hunt. The developers suggested that they will release a “golden kitty” fancy if they win the award. Go here to vote.
  • Family Jewels, or “enhanced cattributes”, are coming next week. I wonder what that means!

3rd Party Content

  • KittyCalc.co (breeding calculator with trait ratings) launched this week.
  • KittyFamily – See your kitty’s ancestry with this kitty family tree tool.

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Original Artwork

There have been a few instances where the developers have changed the artwork on certain traits. It can be assumed that cats with the original artwork will never be able to be reproduced (which would make them more rare). Do you have an original?

Serpent – changed to have thicker eyelids.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 456675
  • First kitty with new artwork: 456709
  • Total OG serpents: 3,346

serpent artwork

Onyx – changed to have white whiskers instead of black.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 478686
  • First kitty with new artwork: 478762
  • Total OG onyx: 380

onyx artwork

Pouty – changed to have less of a smile.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 478717
  • First kitty with new artwork: 478733
  • Total OG pouty: 95,980

pouty artwork

Ganado – changed the side diamonds and chest diamond so their colors no longer match the side color and chest color.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 483035
  • First kitty with new artwork: 483066
  • Total OG ganado: 11

ganado artwork

Frosting – changed so that it wasn’t exactly the same color as azaleablush.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 663425
  • First kitty with new artwork: 663451
  • Total OG frosting: 84

og frosting

 Calicool – a change so minor, I’ll bet you’ll never see it. Go ahead, give it a try. I dare you.

  • Last kitty with original artwork: 44x,xxx?
  • First kitty with new artwork: 45x,xxx?

calicool artwork.PNG

Happy Collecting!
– Jodiferous

See related post: What’s Rare? What’s Desirable?

ck banner 3

Breeding Calculators

When you’re breeding cats, it’s nice to know what traits are likely to be passed on to offspring. It helps you make better decisions.

When CryptoKitties started getting popular, a lot of people started making “breeding calculators” even though the cats’ genetics weren’t fully understood. These calculators relied on anything from guessing to machine learning, but basically all of them were inaccurate to some degree.

Now that the genetics have been cracked and the smart contract analyzed, it’s possible to have breeding calculators that are exact and accurate. But a lot of the incorrect calculators still exist on the web!

There are, however, a few really good calculators. I really like KittyCalc.co and KittyAppX.

KittyCalc shows the breeding outcomes visually in a donut chart and also rates the traits on attractiveness (subjectively, of course). It also specifies which traits may appear as a result of mutation.

kittycalc pic

The interesting thing about KittyCalc is that it was created by players who not only understand the true math behind the breeding algorithm but are artists as well. As a result, they’ve incorporated suggestions on what traits pair well together.

They did, however, get one detail embarrassingly wrong. “Thicccbrowz” is a FIVE-STAR trait, you guys!! What are you thinking??

Pfff. Cookie and I are deeply offended.


Which Traits are Rare?

There are two kinds of rarity in CryptoKitties, immediate rarity and long-term rarity.

To find out what traits are rare RIGHT NOW, the best tools to use are CryptoKittyDex or the KittyExtension. They tell you the current rarity of traits. You can also check the news section of my sidebar to see what traits have just been released. The newest traits are  the rarest ones in the immediate time frame.

If you want to know what traits will hold their rarity for a longer period of time, check out the Trait Chart. The traits near the bottom are mutations. The darker the blue, the more mutations it requires to breed into that trait. Those traits are usually more rare in the long-term, especially in low-generation cats.

(And if you want to know what traits will be rare in a REALLY long time, look at the boring basic traits that everyone is trying to breed out of their cats. If everyone is trying to mutate out of those traits, it’s possible that those original basic traits will slowly become rare over time. [Excepting totesbasic, which currently has three genes that map to it.])

Want to know more about rarity? Check out this post on which cats are rare and desirable.

Happy kittying!