Kitty Treasure Hunt

We’re having a kitty treasure hunt this week! We’re giving away 5 free kitties as prizes (provided by kitty breeder Uynix). Here’s how it works:

cookie treasure

  1. I have chosen a Secret Kitty and will give out clues to its identity every day.
  2. Each day, participants may submit one (1) guess as to who the Secret Kitty is.
  3. The first person to guess the Secret Kitty correctly is an automatic winner. Everyone else who guesses correctly by March 1 will be entered into a random drawing for the remaining four prizes.
  4. Winners may choose ANY kitty they want from Uynix’s Prize Kitty account.


Clue 0: The Secret Kitty lives here.

Clue 1: The Secret Kitty loves Christmas (it wants to be Santa Claus when it grows up).

Submit your guesses below! (Remember: only one (1) guess each day.)


Special thanks to Uynix for sponsoring this treasure hunt! If you’re interested in any of his kitties, you may contact him here: or Discord: @Uynix#3368


How to Value Your Kitties

New Tool: Kitty Evaluator

It’s impossible to put a specific price-tag on a kitty because its value is determined by the market, but it is possible to identify what elements of kitties hold more value than others. For example…

  • When all other things are equal, low generation cats are more valuable than high generation cats.
  • When all other things are equal, mutations are more valuable than basic traits.
  • When all other things are equal, pretty traits are more valuable than ugly ones.

These comparisons can help you know what to look for in a kitty.

diamond princessValuable Components

The more of these components you have going for your kitty, the more valuable it will be. Low generation is easily the most important factor (if you intend to breed your kitties). If nothing else, PLEASE pay attention to generation.

Kitty Evaluator

But is there an easy way to evaluate your kitty’s traits? Why yes! So glad you asked!

Check out the new Kitty Evaluator! (Link in the sidebar.)

Final Takeaway

The most valuable kitties are usually those with multiple mutations in low generations.

To maximize your odds of getting mutations, use the Mutation Match-Up Tool.

Discontinued Traits

discontinued traits kitty 1
sizzurp, luckystripe, chocolate, and kittencream have all been retired

Many players are unaware that cattributes are slowly being discontinued. These traits are no longer being released in Gen 0 cats, so the only way to get them is through cats that are already in existence. As time goes by, they will become more and more rare in low generation cats because they’ll be harder to produce (as the originator cats are likely Catatonic by now).

Not only will the discontinued traits become more rare, many of them will also be needed to create mutations with upcoming traits. For example, the eye color sizzurp is discontinued, but once the eye color with kai gene “5” is released, there will be a series of mutations that can happen only when combined with sizzurp. (To understand how mutations work, visit my post on Mutations and my post on All Possible Mutations.)

This might make sizzurp more valuable in low generations only.

In addition to being needed for mutations, discontinued traits will also likely be used in making fancies down the road. I personally think that as soon as new traits stop being released in Nov. 2018, the focus of the game will shift dramatically to fancies, fancies, fancies. If that happens, all these old traits will come into play in a much bigger way.

Here are the discontinued traits so far (to the best of my knowledge):

discontinued traits kitty 2
This kitty has 6 retired traits.
  • Himalayan (fur)
  • Ragamuffin (fur)
  • Cymric (fur)
  • Luckystripe (pattern)
  • Totesbasic_f and Totesbasic_g (pattern)
  • Gold (eye color)
  • Sizzurp (eye color)
  • Googly (eye shape)
  • Crazy (eye shape)
  • Salmon (base color)
  • Aquamarine (base color)
  • Orangesoda (base color)
  • Chocolate (highlight color)
  • Violet (highlight color)
  • Kittencream (accent color)
  • Granitegrey (accent color)
  • Peach (accent color)
  • Saycheese (mouth)
  • Wild_4 and Wild_8 (wild genes)


How do Family Jewels work?

There are two kinds of Family Jewels: Mew-tation jewels and Cattribute jewels.

family jewels 2

Mew-tation Jewelsfamily jewels 4

These jewels are awarded to the first 500 kitties who initiate bloodlines for a trait. They do this by being the first in their family tree to either a) carry a new basic trait, or b) mutate into a new trait. The first kitty with a new trait gets a spinning pink diamond and the next 499 get lesser jewels.

family jewels 3

Cattribute Jewels

After the originator kitties claim their jewels, they get to pass them down to their descendants as cattribute jewels. Any descendant of an originator kitty receives the jewel if it also carries the trait. This means that jewels may skip certain kitties but then show up later in their children. Again, all descendants may claim their ancestor’s jewel as soon as they share the same trait. The descendants’ jewels will be the same color as their ancestor’s original jewel. (Note: I said “all descendants” but I’m a little unsure whether they continue indefinitely or not.)

Think of is this way. When CryptoKitties launched, the developers released 100 Founder Cats that were all jaguars. Since then, there have been no other kitties released with jaguar genes. That mean, whenever you see a cat with the jaguar pattern, you know immediately that it has a direct tie to one of the Founder Cats. Family jewels mimic this exactly. If you see a kitty with a pink diamond next to “cloudwhite”, you know that it has a direct link to the very first cloudwhite kitty.

You can click on a jeweled cattribute to see the originator kitty that it came from.

Example: fj kitty

This kitty was one of the first 500 kitties to unlock the pattern “camo”. All of its descendants may receive its blue camo jewel if they carry the camo gene.

This kitty is also a descendant of the very first “slyboots” kitty, and a descendant of one of the first 100 “thundergrey” kitties. Etc.

family jewels 1

Will jewels make my kitty more valuable?

It’s hard to say right now because they’re so new. But I think it’s safe to say if there are two kitties with all other things equal, the kitty with more jewels will be valuable.

The mew-tation jewels will be more valuable than the cattribute jewels, and the most valuable jewel will easily be the pink diamond. The other jewels may end up as just eye candy, but the pink one will likely hold more significance.

Founder Badgesfounder badge

The Founder Cats did not get jewels, nor did their offspring. Poor jaguars. But the founders did get something else. They got badges. Aww.

What can I do with jewels?

You can collect them! If you breed jewel cats with other jewel cats, you can try to create kitties that have jewels next to ALL their cattributes. How fun would that be?!

Happy jewel collecting!


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